Why We Love Our Sugar Skull Collection

Why We Love Our Sugar Skull Collection

Whether you’re deeply in tune with the cultural significance of the image on the above hat, or you merely just think it looks cool, we can probably agree that, well, it looks cool.

Luckily, we’ve got plenty of cool options–both literally and figuratively–within our sugar skull collection. Between six hats, four visors and two ultra bands–not to mention two different sugar skull logos you can slap on the custom hat of your choice–we’ve got you covered with pretty much anything you could fancy in the sugar skull hat realm.

What exactly is Sugar Skull?

Before we launch into why our sugar skull hats are so great, it’s important to recognize what the sugar skull signifies. Deeply linked to Mexican culture, the sugar skull comprises a key part of Dia de Muertos celebrations in Mexico and around the world.

The sacred and popular icon, also known as calaveritas, is placed on altars that honor deceased relatives. November 1 is normally reserved for paying tribute to deceased children with smaller versions, while November 2 shifts the focus to deceased adult relatives with larger versions. Sugar skulls are almost always colorful and typically feature the name of the departed soul on the forehead.

An interesting added detail is the design. Flowers that often surround the eyes represent life, whereas common forehead cobweb patterns represent death. Part of the complex meaning behind sugar skulls lies in the fact that death is represented as a new start or a type of rebirth.

Lastly, on the lighter side, sugar skull cookies and candies are sometimes popular around Dia de Muertos and Halloween. Those serious about paying reverence to family members and friends should make sure to never combine tribute with consumption. It doesn’t work that way.

Go-to for Halloween/Dia de los Muertos

Whether you’re going all out with an elaborate face-painted sugar skull or you’re not quite that committed, an item from our sugar skull collection is perfect for Halloween and Dia de Muertos. A hat, visor or beanie adorned with the spooky, colorful logo is ideal for whatever celebration you’re attending.

Perfect for outdoor workout, lifting session or hike through the mountains

If you’re like us, you probably like to get a lot of wear out of your purchases–i.e., you’re not buying a hat to wear 1, 2 or 3 days a year. Any of our sugar skull caps can be worn any day of the year, and the Trucker Hat design is well-engineered for workouts.

Made of breathable material, the sugar skull collection and all trucker hats are constructed with the same revolutionary fabric technology as our cycling and running hats. As a result, your head will stay cool during the workout or as you unwind.

5 Panel Trucker hat - Calavera de Rosas Sugar Skull

Design specifics

If you’re into the details surrounding sugar skulls, you’ll probably also find the specifics on our sugar skull hats to be of interest. Here’s some of the other attributes that make them such a great purchase:

  • Eventure woven shell
  • Eventure terry sweatband wrapped in Eventure knit
  • Black undervisor to reduce glare
  • Snap back closure with ponytail opening
  • One size fits most

Personalize it – the Logolab

By utilizing our Logolab, you can pull from your favorite aspects of our existing sugar skull collection to create something you really want. Select the color or black and white sugar skull, combine it with your vision and then we’ll make it a reality through our sublimation process. This involves printing the logo directly onto the fabric using a heat press. The inks are thus fused into the fabric, unlike screen printing and heat transfers that put the logo on top.

Since a big part of celebrating Halloween or Dia de Muertos is creativity, summon your own and enjoy the process of building a stellar sugar skull hat.

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