Why Everyone Needs Cool Trucker Hats

Why Everyone Needs Cool Trucker Hats

When you hear trucker hat, the first image that comes to mind may not be one that says “I Race Like a Girl.” But, we’d argue, that’s why everyone needs a trucker hat.

Whereas trucker hats were once solely associated with, well, truckers, farmers and other rural workers, nowadays the style is in. Whether it’s for comfort, style or some variation thereof, guys and gals of all sorts just need to throw on a cool trucker hat every now and again.

Here’s why.

But first, some history

How can you understand why you need a cool trucker hat without knowing the evolution of said trucker hat, right? Right.

Trucker hats were originally given away as promotional items to rural workers by American companies. For companies like John Deere, the mesh hats were viewed as a means of promoting their services in the very communities they served. Soon, they became a staple of the “uniform” of rural workers throughout the country. Workers enjoyed them, as the combination of a long peak with a foam front and breathable mesh back provided protection from the sun while also readily soaking up sweat.

Fast forward to the 21st century and trucker hats are as common in malls and on high school and college campuses as they are on the farm. Here are a few reasons why they’ve become so popular.

They’re cool…literally

Functionality is key, and this is just one of the areas where trucker hats perform admirably. The mesh back is perfect for breathability, as heat from your head can escape and cool air from the surroundings can come in. If you don’t think that’s valuable, consider the last time you wore a fitted cap made from wool or polyester. It gets more than a little hot when the sun’s beating down on you.

Trucker hats engineered with the same fabric technology as Headsweats’ cycling and running hats ensure you’ll stay cool even when the elements aren’t conducive.

They’re unique

While trucker hats have become considerably more en vogue over the last 20 years, the unique styles and messages that decorate them are still unique.

Are you a guy who appreciates a good Bigfoot conspiracy? We’ve got you covered. Sasquatch more your thing? Yep, we’ve got that, too. Are you a gal who wants to be reminded of that majestic hike in your favorite national park? Then the Bigfoot trucker hats with picturesque panoramas are just the thing. Personalization options also exist, giving the chance to dial up pretty much whatever your mind can imagine, Bigfoot/Sasquatch aside.

They’re photogenic

Would the above photo be as awesome if the guy wasn’t wearing a trucker hat? It might as well be a rhetorical question. But just to make sure we’re all on the same page, no, it would not be as awesome.

If you’re in search of Instagram likes and/or reactions, expressive clothing can make that awe-inspiring backdrop seem even better. Take our word for it.

They’re versatile

Going for a run and looking for protection from the sun while staying cool? Trucker hat. Leaving the gym after a taxing workout and want to hide your hair while not working up another sweat? Trucker hat. Another example circumstance? Trucker hat.

The style and make-up of trucker hats make them perfect whether you’re working out or sitting down for a cup of coffee while perusing other cool trucker hats online.

Summing it up

Again, if you somehow weren’t aware by now, you don’t have to be a trucker to be a trucker hat guy or gal. They’re cool literally and figuratively and come in an abundance of styles that will suit your needs no matter where you sit on the personality spectrum. Wear them proudly and spread the word that everyone needs cool trucker hats.

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