When Was the Last Time You Got a Bike Fit?

When Was the Last Time You Got a Bike Fit?

Maybe its because the majority of us have had a bike, or have been riding one since early childhood or maybe its because, regardless of skill level, most of us can simply just jump on a bike and ride that very few of us consider getting our bike truly fitted to our body. We often do, just jump on and go. Many bike riders think that the only stipulation for fitting is if they can comfortably stand over the bike with enough clearance between their crotch and the bar. Personalizing your bike to fit you and your body can help with rider fatigue and pain, allowing you extended endurance and more enjoyment. Though a professional fitting can be expensive, it can be very much worth it. If you’ve experienced leg pain, swelling or numbness in your hands, or upper body fatigue during or after just a moderate ride, a bike fit performed by someone who knows how to do it, is worth every dime.

Obviously if you purchased a new bike its a good time for a fitting. However, if you’ve been riding somewhat seriously for the past couple of years, it may be time for a fit simply because your riding style and your level of fitness has probably changed. Also, the reverse is true: if it’s been a couple of years since you’ve ridden with any consistency a bike fit may be needed in order to avoid any issues.

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