Tips for Beginning Cyclists

Tips for Beginning Cyclists

Yes, riding a bike is an American rite of passage for most kids throughout our country and therefore, almost all of us jump on a bike, even as adults from time to time. But there are some of us who look at cycling more passionately; and seriously enough to actually prepare for rides that are longer than around the neighborhood. The number of us that take our sport seriously enough to buy gear for it are growing year after year however, and we find it important to extend some helpful tips to our newbie friends.

  • Protect your head. Regardless of your state’s helmet laws and whether they are required, wear a helmet every time you ride. Sixty percent of cycling deaths in the US are caused by head injuries. Do not add to that statistic.
  • Make sure to use your senses. Make sure that your vision is not blocked in any way and never wear headphones. Being unable to hear approaching cars or emergency vehicles can place you in a precarious situation and is downright dangerous.
  • Get your bike properly fit. Make riding much easier and reduce strain and risk of injury to certain body types by making sure that your bike fits your body measurements.
  • Make sure to use your gears. Try to keep your cadence at a consistent rate between 70 to 90 rpms. Always staying in higher gears can strain your knees. Use varying gears for different elevation gains can help alleviate that stress.
  • Your seat is your friend. Make sure that you ride with a proper saddle that will be comfortable enough for long rides. Don’t assume that the cushier the seat, the better. Try out a few different styles before making a decision.

Remaining comfortable during a ride is important for both endurance and overall enjoyment. Headsweats cycling caps and hats are manufactured from fabrics that help you perform your best throughout your ride. Perfect for fit under your helmet, our Headsweats cycling hats include a terry sweatband helping to keep sweat out of your eyes. Browse our entire line of cycling caps and hats and get out and enjoy this coming riding season.


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