The Benefits of Wearing a Cycling Hat on Race Day

The Benefits of Wearing a Cycling Hat on Race Day

Gearing up to give it your all at your next cycling race? These high-impact races put bike fanatics to the test, requiring long-distance endurance, agility to make quick adjustments on the road and plenty of self-reliance to get through whatever the route throws your way. That’s where Headsweats performance headwear comes into play. We’ve partnered with top riders and organizations, including the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), to help bring you next-level cycling caps that go the literal distance.

Our cycling selection includes the perfect cycling hat for race day so you show up ready for whatever the course has in store. Whether you’re training for your debut or are crushing a specific race for the tenth time, you’ll be pumped to don one of these hats on race day. Each cycling race hat is equipped with performance features that help you go further, move faster and push harder. Here are a few of the benefits of this performance headwear.

  • They Keep a Cool Head—Hot heads are for the birds. This collection includes performance cycling skullcaps and hats that keep a cool head for any and all athletic pursuits. Each one is made with ultralight, moisture-wicking material that helps regulate temperature so you don’t feel overheated when you’re performing temp-raising physical activity–i.e., dodging obstacles, pumping up hills and cruising around curves past your competitors.
  • They Mitigate Sweat—Let’s face it: sweat is good for you. It helps you maintain a good body temperature, helps fight inflammation and boosts your energy so you can conquer tough physical challenges. But sweat that gets in your eyes? Not so good for the competitor who needs no additional roadblocks, so to speak. Thus, a race hat or athletic headband is necessary for race day to help keep your field of vision clear. Some styles are equipped with our Eventure™ terry sweatband to easily absorb head sweat.
  • They Fit Perfectly—Fit is a difficult thing when it comes to performance race gear because even two extra seconds spent fixing an ill-fitting shirt, shoe or hat could cost you the race. We’ve taken extra care to ensure that our race hats are made to stay put during high-energy activity. Each one features a superior fit that stays put and doesn’t get in your way. Of course, we have many biking caps that are designed just for a comfortable and slim fit beneath your helmet.

red headsweats cap

Headsweats Red Skullcap

  • They Help You See Better—In addition to a built-in sweatband that keeps sweat from dripping into your eyes, many of these caps are made to help hold all of your hair in place so it doesn’t fly into your eyes when you can’t risk compromised vision. Plus, with the perfect fit and a secure design, you won’t need to worry about stopping mid-race to make necessary adjustments that can add seconds to your final time.
  • They Provide a Cool Breeze—All of our cycling race hats are made with our Eventure Fabric Technology, which provides a cool, breathable feel so you can still enjoy the best part about speed cycling—the cool breeze! Having a little bit of cooling technology can help you stay focused and slay the toughest challenges of the race.
  • They Stay in Great Shape—Bike races are like tattoos—you can’t just do one and be done. These high-quality, race-ready hats are designed to stay in great shape for many future competitions. And we all know races are no picnic, so when your cap comes home covered in dirt, mud and sweat (not to mention that unmentionable post-race odor), you can easily toss it in the wash for a quick refresh. These hats dry quickly and have tear-resistant technology so they’re always a worthy investment.

gray imba hat

Headsweats Grey Race IMBA Race Hat

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It doesn’t matter what kind of athletic pursuit you’ve got on your bucket list, Headsweats will be there. We make hats, headbands, trucker hats and skullcaps that go further, so you can always rely on us anytime and anywhere your head sweats.

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