The Basics of Cycling Etiquette

The Basics of Cycling Etiquette


Unlike the world of running, which can be a solitary one, the sport of cycling often puts its participants into situations where good manners and concern for others comes into play. Outside of the written rules of cycling sports and the general rules of the road, there exists a set of unwritten rules of etiquette that every cyclist, whether riding in a group or alone needs to be aware of. These rules include:

  • Always obey the rules of the road and be conscientious of autos and pedestrians alike. This includes riding single file within the bike lane, stopping at all stop signs and red lights, not blocking intersections and displaying hand signals when appropriate.
  • Be aware of everything and everyone around you. This is especially important when riding in a group. Everything you do can have an effect on others. Maintain a consistent line and avoid braking or changing direction suddenly. Avoid surging or braking and try to keep the same speed as the group.
  • Respect the lead or senior riders of the group. Their advice and, sometimes harsh, admonishment is for the betterment of the ride and of the group itself. Understand that their experience is valuable.

As supporters of cyclists all around the world, HeadSweats employees all strive to make sure that cyclists everywhere are understood and represented as the responsible citizens that they can be. Remember to always stay respectful and safe during each and every ride. And don’t forget to take HeadSweats cycling caps and hats along with you for comfort and safety.


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