Team Tecnu Training Camp 2013

Team Tecnu Training Camp 2013

Team Tecnu training for their first international race of the year, Expedition Africa in May 2013. Enjoy these photos and video:

Team Tecnu Training Camp 2013 April 5-8th, 2013
41 hours of adventure training in 4 days

To give you a taste of their training, watch their video:

Here was the agenda:

FRIDAY (10 hours)
 ~ Early AM trail run in Marin Headlands (2 hours)
 Noon Double Surf Ski Yerba Buena Island+ (6 hours)
 Late PM MTB Oakland Hills (1.5 hours)

SATURDAY (12 hours)
 ~ Early AM MTB from SF (Golden Gate, Headlands, Tam Summit… Tamarancho, Top Secret descent, 680, Pt Reyes) (4 hours)
 Afternoon run Tam, Stinson, Dipsea, Matt Davis, Steep Ravine… (4-6 hours)
 Late afternoon MTB return on roads to SF (2 hours)

SUNDAY (11 hours)
 ~ Early AM MTB from Alameda to Del Valle (3 hours)
 AM Bay Area Orienteering Club Long O Meet (3 hour)
 PM MTB/BART to Alameda (1-2 hours)
 PM Alameda Surf Skis (3 hours)

MONDAY (8 hours)
 ~ Early AM Headlands run (2 hours)
 AM surf skis Angel Island (3 hours)
 PM Skeggs MTB (3 hours)

Tecnu Adventure Racing was 2nd at the 10 hour Rogaine in Spokane, Wa yesterday. Here are a couple of pictures of Garret Bean and Kyle Peter racing:

Garret Bean racing in the Rogaine 2013
Kyle Peter racing in Rogaine 2013

To find out more on Team Tecnu and their 2013 race schedule, visit their website here: and become a fan of them on Facebook.

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