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Tips for Running with a Stroller

Tips for Running with a Stroller

At Headsweats we know it can be tough to find time to work out. We also know that your running time is an important time for you to de-stress but what’s a Mom to do when your running routine clashes with quality time with your little one? Though you may wince at the thought of bringing your little one on your run with you, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help make running with your toddler a fun and quality time.

  1. Let your little guy know that this is your special time in order to get as much cooperation as possible. Don’t expect to be able to run your max the first few times you do this. Find out what both your limits are without causing any meltdowns by starting on the small side – maybe just two or three miles at first.
  2. Make sure that both of you are completely comfortable. Choosing a good jogging stroller is key in avoiding issues for either of you.
  3. Make a game out of it. Choose your running outfits together (along with your Headsweats running hat or visor), going through a checklist of running needs and allowing him/her to choose a stuffed animal to take along if desired. Allow a special snack and even special running music to take along.
  4. Point out special landmarks and parts of the run where special things happen. Build anticipation before you begin by creating a counting game: “If we find 8 black birds today, we…” make it fun for them and it will be more fun for you.
  5. Make sure that you are also keeping both of you comfortable by wearing a quality running cap or hat that helps to shade your eyes, keep you cool and your sweat out of your eyes.


Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid Before and During Running

Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid Before and During Running

We’ve all heard the advice about carbo-loading before your big race; or drinking a ton of water to get hydrated before a marathon. But where some pre-race nutrition guidelines can actually help you to run a successful race, others may actually hurt your chances of finishing at all. Avoiding these nutrition mistakes before and during your race will help you in the long run (pun intended).

  • The Carbo-load. The myth is that you need that extra boost of carbohydrates to help fuel your body through the race. In actuality, the place you may be running to is the restroom and not so much towards the finish line. Don’t overload the night before, but rather consume normal quantities of carbs the week before the race and allow your body to process them in the way that it should without the glut.
  • Experimenting with something new. Trying a new food or energy supplement right before or even during the race can bring unexpected results – and not in a positive way. New foods can cause stomach distress and leave you dehydrated and unable to experience the race at your optimal levels.
  • Burning calories without replenishing. If you are running longer than an hour than you are going to want to refuel during your event. Keeping handy sources of carbs on hand can help you avoid feeling lethargic and spur you further on.
  • Skipping breakfast the day of the race. Whether you normally skip breakfast on any given day, or if race day jitters make you feel slightly nauseous, you’ll want to overcome those issues and make sure to get in a quality breakfast anyway. Keeping your blood sugar steady and providing you with energy to start your race off on the right foot are why eating a wholesome but light breakfast. Opt for a smoothie if solid food leaves you feeling too full.

With all of the advice out there about race day nutrition it is important to find out what works for you. We do know that no matter what preparation you’ve made for your race, we’ll be there to provide protection during your race. Headsweats running caps, hats and visors are specifically manufactured with runners in mind with innovative and breathable fabrics and our exclusive built-in sweatband that helps keep you comfortable and your sweat out of your eyes. With the coolest in visors for men and women, Headsweats look great every step of the way.


5 Reasons Women Should Run on a Regular Basis

5 Reasons Women Should Run on a Regular Basis

The reasons to begin running on a daily basis certainly outnumber that which we can include here, but there are benefits of running that are important enough for women to recognize as reasons to get out of bed or off the couch and start running. As runners ourselves, we’ve experienced these benefits first-hand and are confident that you will too.

  1. Burn calories and lose that extra weight. Though the amount of calories per mile burned is fully determined by a number of mitigating factors like pace, weight and changes in elevation, the average amount is said to be about 100 per mile. You do the math.
  2.  Avoid bone issues like osteoporosis as running helps build bone density.
  3. Increase that heart rate and decrease your chance of heart disease.
  4. Improve your overall mood. Running releases endorphins which elevates mood and increases levels of happiness.
  5. Get away from those that take away. Your job, family and others can all have a draining effect on our energy levels. Replenish physically, emotionally and mentally by taking an hour run and be ready to handle all that being a woman requires.

At Headsweats, our focus is always aimed on keeping runners, both men and women alike, fully protected and comfortable while running because we believe we could all benefit from taking a healthy run . Our running hats are expertly constructed from the most innovative materials, providing the wearer with unmatched comfort and style. Encourage Mom to start her own running routine with our new selection of running caps and visors for Mom in attractive colors that acknowledge just how awesome Mom really is.

Run For Your Life

Run For Your Life

For a good portion of every society running just seems pointless. Its not really understood why runners continue to subject themselves to a sport where most of the time, the effort outweighs the benefits. But for runners who experience that high, know how breaking past emotional and physical boundaries can make them feel accomplished and content. However, studies show that there are a number of physical and mental benefits that even the most dedicated of runners may not be aware of.

Recent studies show that running just 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week actually decreases your chance of premature death by as much as 50 percent. It turns out you literally can run for your life – in a positive way. Improving cardiovascular health, runners benefit from a more properly functioning ticker.

Running at certain intensities and distances also increases our fat burning capabilities and the sweat that is generated by a good run removes toxins from our bodies. Serotonin is also produced when we run, which contributes to that “runners high” that we often hear about. Serotonin contributes to heightened feelings of happiness and contentment.

Increased levels of daily energy, weight loss and decrease of illness are all additional benefits enjoyed by regular runners.

At Headsweats our mission is to help our running and cycling friends with the best in running caps and running hats. Our hats include technologically-advanced fabrics and headbands that aide in keeping runners and cyclists comfortable and safe. Available in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics for different needs, each of our running visors, caps and hats are made with only the best and innovative fabrics available. Browse the entire selection and let us know if we can provide any assistance.

Avoiding Running Injuries

Avoiding Running Injuries

So, you were certain that you were going fairly easy on yourself, but here you are again, icing that knee or babying that shin splint. Most of us are knowledgeable in the treatment of these running injuries but how to avoid them is somewhat lesser known. If you are experiencing repeated injuries after running, a few adjustments prior to, and during your routine may be called for.

1. Injuries often come from overtraining. Adding miles, intensity or both is obviously going to add stress to the body, that’s the point; but adding too much, too quickly can cause injury to our joints and muscles. Patience is key here. Stretch yourself by adding no more than 10 percent of your average on a weekly basis. Slowly build to that goal in order to avoid being sidelined completely.

2. It all starts with the feet. Make sure that the running shoe you invested in fits not just your feet but your running style too. The wrong type can set up the wrong dynamics, causing the body to have to compensate. If these compensations are often repeated in an unnatural fashion, pain and discomfort is guaranteed to follow. Get properly fitted at a specialty running shop and replace them often. The guideline is generally every 350-500 miles.

3. Make sure to train your body overall. Strengthen the muscles that support your running muscles. Being out of balance can cause joint to overwork themselves.

4. Avoid shock. Try not to run on concrete; being ten times harder than asphalt all that shock is transferred to your legs. Look to run on grass and trails often but make sure to change it up as a sudden transfer to asphalt can be jarring to joints.

5. Keep hydrated. One of the most obvious preventions to most any injury is a well-hydrated body. Keeping hydrated before, during and after training sessions keeps joints and muscles well lubricated and moving freely.

At Headsweats, we look to always provide you with the best in running hats and caps in order to keep you protected on the running trail. Our running visors and hats keep moisture away from your eyes and wick it away from your skull allowing you a more comfortable run. Browse our full selection of running caps to find the perfect one for you.

2013 Mother Lode 4 Day Expedition Race

5 Mud Runs You Just Gotta Try

5 Mud Runs You Just Gotta Try

Almost all of us had done it as children at one point or another to the dismay of mothers all over the country. And we would be hard-pressed to find anybody who regretted doing it. In fact, it almost seems that it was basically a rite-of-passage for most of us. In fact, playing the mud is often a treasured childhood memory.

Which explains the recent booming popularity of the mud run and obstacle course races that have spread, well…. like a muddy hand print, all over the nation. All spring and summer long, every state in the nation will be hosting dozens of chances for grown adults to play in the mud in ways they haven’t since they were 12. We’re just rating a few of these that hold events in multiple cities over several dates. Find out more about each race at their respective websites. Oh, and don’t forget your Headsweats running hats and visors.

5. The Rugged Maniac

As brutal as it sounds, the maniac trips up mud runners with 20 obstacles including a 100 foot “suicide slide”. Afterward try your hand at mud tug-of-war and further your child-like delight with an adult bounce house and even a mechanical bull. Afterparty includes showers, food and beer. In 20 cities across the US.

4. Run For Your Lives

This obstacle race includes the stuff of nightmares. As part of the obstacles along the race route, zombies (yes, zombies) lurk to attack mud-covered human flesh. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead you may want to check if yours is one of the 23 cities chosen to host the not-all-that-gruesome race. By the way, you can register as either a runner or a zombie.

3. Dirty Girl Mud Run

For all you, uh, “ladies” out there. The dirty girl mud run is exclusively for you and your team of gal pals to bring out your rambunctious inner child. With more than 40 Dirty Girl events across the country, this untimed obstacle course lets you decide which obstacles you’re up to completing.

2. The Spartan Race

Now, we’re getting serious. Though it is still a mud run, the Spartan truly tests obstacle runners at three different levels – go easy on yourself (kinda) on the 3+ mile, 15+ obstacle course; push to see what you’re made of on the 8 mile course that puts you through more than 20 obstacles or go for the most challenging course “The Spartan Beast” -with 25 obstacles spread out over more than 12 miles.

1.  Tough Mudder

If you’ve been paying attention to these races at all over the last few years, you’ve probably been familiar with this one. The Mudder at about 10 to 12 miles long, featuring 25 military-style obstacles, is now international with events across 5 continents. Parties for participants (of which only about 78 percent finish) include tattoo artists who will imprint the Tough Mudder logo as a lifelong memento of the event.

Keeping your fitness routine is made, well, less routine with events like mud runs and we look forward to seeing you out there – in your Headsweats running hats and visors of course. We’d say try to keep it clean but, yeah….that’s not gonna happen. cropped-tt2013woods1.jpg