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5 Mud Runs You Just Gotta Try

5 Mud Runs You Just Gotta Try

Almost all of us had done it as children at one point or another to the dismay of mothers all over the country. And we would be hard-pressed to find anybody who regretted doing it. In fact, it almost seems that it was basically a rite-of-passage for most of us. In fact, playing the mud is often a treasured childhood memory.

Which explains the recent booming popularity of the mud run and obstacle course races that have spread, well…. like a muddy hand print, all over the nation. All spring and summer long, every state in the nation will be hosting dozens of chances for grown adults to play in the mud in ways they haven’t since they were 12. We’re just rating a few of these that hold events in multiple cities over several dates. Find out more about each race at their respective websites. Oh, and don’t forget your Headsweats running hats and visors.

5. The Rugged Maniac

As brutal as it sounds, the maniac trips up mud runners with 20 obstacles including a 100 foot “suicide slide”. Afterward try your hand at mud tug-of-war and further your child-like delight with an adult bounce house and even a mechanical bull. Afterparty includes showers, food and beer. In 20 cities across the US.

4. Run For Your Lives

This obstacle race includes the stuff of nightmares. As part of the obstacles along the race route, zombies (yes, zombies) lurk to attack mud-covered human flesh. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead you may want to check if yours is one of the 23 cities chosen to host the not-all-that-gruesome race. By the way, you can register as either a runner or a zombie.

3. Dirty Girl Mud Run

For all you, uh, “ladies” out there. The dirty girl mud run is exclusively for you and your team of gal pals to bring out your rambunctious inner child. With more than 40 Dirty Girl events across the country, this untimed obstacle course lets you decide which obstacles you’re up to completing.

2. The Spartan Race

Now, we’re getting serious. Though it is still a mud run, the Spartan truly tests obstacle runners at three different levels – go easy on yourself (kinda) on the 3+ mile, 15+ obstacle course; push to see what you’re made of on the 8 mile course that puts you through more than 20 obstacles or go for the most challenging course “The Spartan Beast” -with 25 obstacles spread out over more than 12 miles.

1.  Tough Mudder

If you’ve been paying attention to these races at all over the last few years, you’ve probably been familiar with this one. The Mudder at about 10 to 12 miles long, featuring 25 military-style obstacles, is now international with events across 5 continents. Parties for participants (of which only about 78 percent finish) include tattoo artists who will imprint the Tough Mudder logo as a lifelong memento of the event.

Keeping your fitness routine is made, well, less routine with events like mud runs and we look forward to seeing you out there – in your Headsweats running hats and visors of course. We’d say try to keep it clean but, yeah….that’s not gonna happen. cropped-tt2013woods1.jpg


2014 Runs Are Looking a Little Weird

2014 Runs Are Looking a Little Weird

The Color Run. The Hot Chocolate Race. The Electric Run and the Foam Fest. Things have gotten a little more than a bit wild in the racing world these days. Though perhaps shunned by the more “serious” of runners, these off-the-wall and unusual 5 and 10k races have brought extra attention, and participants, to run/walks that would normally stick close to home on race day.

While most 5k races are still traditional or based around a charity event, the recent boom in Americans participating in road races seem to be fueled somewhat by these wacky foot races, where fun is the focus and parties ensue. Basically, these wildly popular runs, though relatively small in numbers, compared to the larger races in the nation, collectively have helped to increase the number of participants to more than 15.5 million race finishers in 2012. We just hope that, they look to remain safe and comfortable, and of course, wearing a Headsweats running cap or running hat (wink, wink).

Frankly, we love it. Yes, we’re finding more of those less-than-serious about the sport, chatting and drinking coffee as they walk, rather than run, the route. Yes, the starting line at these events are looking more like an arena concert. But, since you’ll soon be leaving the crowd behind,  and moving at your own pace, beating the bulk of them to the finish line, it’ll be your race against yourself once again. Oh, and you’ll get to be part of the requisite party afterwards. Lets face it, these races are exactly what the sport needed. So get out there and join in the fun. Get dirty and colorful and bubbly and chocolatey. Just remember to take your Headsweats running cap or running hat with you.



Shin Splints 101

Shin Splints 101

They sound awful and feel even worse. If you’ve ever experienced the discomfort caused by a shin splint you understand the need and desire a runner would feel for avoiding this particular injury at almost any cost.

Medically referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome, or MTSS, shin splints basically refers to the occurrence of pain in the shins – or front area of the lower leg. Commonly brought on by strenuous activities like basketball, tennis or racquetteball, shin splints can also be caused by running too frequently on hard surfaces because of the excessive pressure and impact on the lower leg muscles. Running on slanted surfaces, downhill and on uneven surfaces can also attribute to the development or worsening of shin splints.

Symptoms include dull, aching pain on either side of the shinbone and within the muscle itself, soreness along the inner part of the lower leg and can be accompanied by swelling. Numbness and weakness in the feet are also a common symptom.

Avoid shin splints by wearing properly fitting shoes with shock-absorbing insoles. Avoid running on hard surfaces, slopes and uneven terrain. Always begin your training session with a good stretching routine before every session to help avoid shin splints from occurring.

At Headsweats, we always look to make your running or cycling sessions as comfortable and safe as possible. With our technologically advanced materials and innovative construction process, Headsweats running hats, cycling caps and visors for men and women, help make your training sessions as comfortable as possible. Browse our online store for a full selection of the best running hats and cycling caps on the internet.


The Daddy of Them All

The Daddy of Them All

With Ironman® events happening all over the world, the most famous of all triathlons is attracting more and more participants year after year. Once a sport reserved for the most extreme athletes looking to push beyond their own physical limits, the Ironman is no longer looked at as just for the nuttiest of extreme athletes. From its quiet beginnings in February of 1978, including just 15 competitors, the Ironman® triathlon has grown to become a phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of participants across the globe.

Though most participants do not finish the race which consists of 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking and a full marathon at 26.2 miles, it is always important for every participant to remember to fully train and prepare, both mentally, physically and nutritionally when deciding to take on the Ironman.

Remember first and foremost that a triathlon is like no other sport and will test not only your physical endurance but your mental and emotional capabilities also. Obviously, people don’t start the physical fitness journey with the goal of finishing  a triathlon; triathletes are usually those extreme athletes who are already accomplished distance swimmers, marathon runners and century riders. To them, a triathlon is just the next logical step in their fitness journey.

As an official sponsor of the Ironman® Series, Headsweats is proud to offer every triathlete and enthusiasts alike the best cycling hats, running hats and visors for men and women. With the iconic Ironman® logo emblazoned across our Ironman® hats, every participant, and those that dream about participating, can show the world their passion for the iconic event.