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Ride and Run with Passion and Safety

Ride and Run with Passion and Safety

The statistics are eye-opening and a bit staggering and not in our favor. A pedestrian or cyclist is killed every 2 hours in the United States in a collision with a motor vehicle. Runners, walkers and cyclists are most likely to be struck in intersections of urban roadways at night according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with low-visibility being a key factor in these fatal incidents.

Increasing visibility during night runs or rides is of the highest priority when it comes to running or riding safely. Reflective clothing has been shown to increase visibility to more than 1000 feet. Which is why we offer hi-visibility running hats, cycling caps and visors for both men and women. We want to keep as many of us outdoor enthusiasts as safe as possible. Our super reflective caps, made with our patented materials that are both water-resistant and include the COOLMAX sweatbands, are designed with comfort, style and safety in mind. In both Ironman® or customizable styles, these reflective options, made with our proprietary Eventure™ reflective fabric, are sure to keep you safer during both early morning or late evening training sessions.

Since our beginnings in 1988, Headsweats associates have always concerned ourselves with the comfort and safety of runners and cyclists all over the United States. Always guaranteed with our 2-year warranty, each and every one of our products is manufactured with the highest quality and workmanship. Keep yourself and loved ones safer with reflective running hats and visors whenever you venture out, whether its for a quick jog around the block or an intense training session. We look forward to many years of business with each of our clients and hope to help keep you safe.

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Awesome Cycling Events For the Die-Hard in All of Us

Awesome Cycling Events For the Die-Hard in All of Us

We thought it was only fair, after posting blogs on different types of 5k events and then mud and obstacle races throughout the country, that we should focus on this year’s lineup of cycling events across the United States. We know an awful lot of you that would rather spend your time on wheels rather than pounding the pavement, plus there are those of you who like to do both, God help ya. So here it is: a breakdown of what we think are truly awesome cycling events for the remainder of 2014. Remember to always wear safety gear and cycling caps from Headsweats. Complete race information can be found at individual race websites.

5. Maine Lighthouse Ride – With four distances available at 25, 42, 65 and 100 miles, this ride, along the coast of Maine allows riders to take in views of several different lighthouses along the way. Register soon though as this ride is limited to the first 1000 riders.

4. Tour De Frost – For those empathetic and charitable riders looking to make a difference for the less fortunate among us, this race in Rockford, Illinois is a 25 mile bone-chilling jaunt.

3. Solvang Century – Winding through the hills of Santa Barbara County in California, the Solvang Century is considered one of the finest century rides in the nation with its 5 star route. Plan for a BBQ and party afterwards with a massage therapist on hand.

2. 3 State 3 Mountain – Beginning and ending in host city Chattanooga, Tennessee, the century ride traverses three mountains through 3 states. Or choose lesser distance rides of 85, 62, or 31 miles.

1. Colorado Death Ride – 16,500 vertical feet, 232 miles and 5 mountain passes over a 3 day ride. This ride, though brutal takes cyclists through some of the most beautiful country this nation has to offer.

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Not Just For Triathletes

Not Just For Triathletes

Though it’s most likely a dream or a goal of a good portion of runners, bikers and swimmers to one day participate, or even finish a triathlon like IronMan, you don’t have to be one to enjoy the attributes of our Headsweats running hats and cycling caps. After all, each and every one of us sweat (if you don’t you’re not doing it right) and the most unique head gear in the industry helps not only triathletes but the most recreational of athletes.

Built with special materials to wick moisture away from your head, our cycling hats, running caps and visors, for both men and women, are designed with your comfort in mind.  Not only are they cool in function, they look cool too. And, though your comfort is important, we simply believe that your safety is even more so.  Its especially important in cold weather to move moisture away from the body, as sweat cools the body as intended, in cold weather hypothermia can be accelerated when sweat is unable to evaporate, keeping skin cool. With Eventure Fleece, stay warm with its breathable, resilience. All of our hats, caps and visors are constructed from our proprietary blend of tech fabrics, our Eventure™ Fabric Technology, our array of athletic headwear keeps you safe and warm too. Whether you are looking to train for a triathlon, race in marathon or just bike with a friend this weekend, we promise a Headsweats hat will keep you looking cool and feeling cooler.

Covering your head, and your adventure need, is our passion at Headsweats and we look forward to helping you choose just the right hat, visor or cap for your athletic endeavors.

Shin Splints 101

Shin Splints 101

They sound awful and feel even worse. If you’ve ever experienced the discomfort caused by a shin splint you understand the need and desire a runner would feel for avoiding this particular injury at almost any cost.

Medically referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome, or MTSS, shin splints basically refers to the occurrence of pain in the shins – or front area of the lower leg. Commonly brought on by strenuous activities like basketball, tennis or racquetteball, shin splints can also be caused by running too frequently on hard surfaces because of the excessive pressure and impact on the lower leg muscles. Running on slanted surfaces, downhill and on uneven surfaces can also attribute to the development or worsening of shin splints.

Symptoms include dull, aching pain on either side of the shinbone and within the muscle itself, soreness along the inner part of the lower leg and can be accompanied by swelling. Numbness and weakness in the feet are also a common symptom.

Avoid shin splints by wearing properly fitting shoes with shock-absorbing insoles. Avoid running on hard surfaces, slopes and uneven terrain. Always begin your training session with a good stretching routine before every session to help avoid shin splints from occurring.

At Headsweats, we always look to make your running or cycling sessions as comfortable and safe as possible. With our technologically advanced materials and innovative construction process, Headsweats running hats, cycling caps and visors for men and women, help make your training sessions as comfortable as possible. Browse our online store for a full selection of the best running hats and cycling caps on the internet.