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What Are You Doing?

What Are You Doing?

Headsweats is proud to be the official headwear partner of Team Red White & Blue, a national organization committed to enriching the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.  Currently, Team RWB is completing the Old Glory Relay, in which 59 teams of runners will move a single American flag 3,450 miles across the country from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.  The runners have just passed the halfway point, and are aiming to finish their journey on November 8th, 2015.  This past week, Team RWB Marketing and Communications Director Dan Brostek traveled with the relay team for 6 days across Colorado and recorded his experience.

This is the discussion that happens multiple times a day as we carry Old Glory east across the country.

Relay Bystander: “What Are You Doing?”

Team RWB Member: “We are running the American Flag from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. over 60 days.”

Relay Bystander: “But why?”

Team RWB Member: “So we can have this very conversation.”

Running with the American Flag at any time is an awesome experience. Running Old Glory 3,540 miles through the heartland of America is absolutely surreal. The very image of one individual and one flag, unified in motion, generates questions, curiosity, honks, waves, high fives, tears, expressions of gratitude, and most importantly, the sharing of personal stories and experiences.

Over the course of six days I traveled with Old Glory from Telluride to Colorado Springs. I experienced some of the most epic scenery this country has to offer, and against that backdrop I’ve witnessed everyday Americans coming together from all over the state and country with a single mission…move Old Glory forward…one step at a time.  

And in these steps is where something truly magical happens. These steps create stories, and these stories create connections.  Given the time, I could write a short book on my journey with Old Glory through Colorado. Instead, I will highlight some of the unique experiences I had over the course of six days and more than 350 miles from the San Juan Mountains through the Arkansas River Valley to the Front Range.

There was a moment of total serendipity as I witnessed a few Team RWB members meet a complete stranger on our way into the small town of Ridgway only to learn that they were all involved in the 1989 Panama invasion. It was absolutely captivating to hear their stories and see them recount those harrowing experiences.

I experienced a moment of uncontrollable laughter when I learned what happens to a runner when you get too close to a cattle truck coming around a curve. You can use your imagination on this one. Bottom-line, it’s funny…unless you are the runner.

We had CDOT workers serenade us with the National Anthem as they paused their blasting for a few minutes so our runners could bypass the construction work and continue moving Old Glory up Monarch Pass.

I heard amazing stories from veterans, civilians and active duty members about how they found Team RWB and the impact the organization is having on their lives. One individual lost over 120 pounds and made fitness a priority in her life. Another individual shared his story about getting clean and battling his addictions. Another veteran with over 25 years of service talked about dealing with the struggles of readjusting to civilian life. Many commented on how they found the camaraderie that they had been seeking since they left the military. Some shared their Faces of Old Glory…personal stories of their grandfathers, uncles, sisters, cousins and friends that have positively impacted and shaped their lives. And some folks just liked the awesome red shirt and wanted to join the team, and in doing so found so much more.

I witnessed people testing their physical and mental limits as they pushed through the heat, altitude and rain to ensure Old Glory continued to move forward.

My favorite experience of all was the handoff…that split second in time when the energy and power of Old Glory transitions from one runner to the next. Having both witnessed and experienced “the handoff” hundreds of times, I still find it hard to put into words how moving this experience truly is.

“So what are you all doing out here?”

Well, we are creating connections…we are sharing stories and experiences, and in the end, we are uniting around a shared goal to enrich the lives of our veterans.

So as the flag continues to move east, take an opportunity to get involved and experience the relay firsthand.  You can still register as a relay or virtual runner and you can donate to help grow the programs that Team RWB is delivering in communities across the globe.  Visit to learn more.


*Blog post and photos courtesy of Dan Brostek

Headsweats Brings Bold New Styles to Athleta Spring ’15 Catalog

Headsweats Brings Bold New Styles to Athleta Spring ’15 Catalog

Back in September, Headsweats received the opportunity of a lifetime when our headwear got to take the stage at New York Fashion Week!  Women’s active clothing brand, Athleta, worked with us to create special sublimated Race Hats and Trucker Hats for their Spring ’15 line.  At Athleta’s first-ever fashion show, Crush of Adrenaline, the sublimated Race Hat made it’s glorious debut!  Needless to say, we were stoked!

After months of anticipation, the Athleta Spring ’15 catalog featuring the new headwear finally arrived at our office!  Check out the awesome images and pick up the Athleta catalog for yourself!

The Athleta Spring ’15 Catalog is here!
Check out our awesome trucker with special colors designed just for Athleta!
Another cool trucker color!
This is that hat that hit the stage at the Crush of Adrenaline show!

We hope you love the new designs just as much as we do!  We are thrilled to be partnering with Athleta and hope we’ll be making many more awesome headwear designs for them in our future!


Athleta’s “Crush of Adrenaline” Fashion Show Features Headsweats

Athleta’s “Crush of Adrenaline” Fashion Show Features Headsweats

Who knew that Headsweats would be featured in New York Fashion Week?! Well, that’s exactly what happened last Wednesday at Athleta’s first ever fashion show. Athleta came to us asking to custom sublimate Race Hats for their new Fall line. The item in question? This beauty:

Athleta FloralWe were able to get our PR Firm, Darby Communications, an invitation to the show in NYC so they could check it out and take some photos. The show itself was a bolt of energy. The models – or rather, athletes – were not just walking a runway, they were jumping, leaping, running, yoga-ing, and dancing all over the stage. It was more of an acrobatic arts show than a fashion runway. The audience loved every minute of it! Cheers were heard after solo dance numbers, hoots and hollers sounded after a breakdancing bit, with a big round of applause at the close of the show. Here are captured moments from #CrushOfAdrenaline:

Athleta's Fashion ShowAthleta's Fashion ShowAthleta's #CrushOfAdrenaline Fashion ShowAthleta's #CrushOfAdrenaline Fashion Show#CrushofAdrenaline

A little fuzzy, but there's our hat!
A little fuzzy, but there’s our hat!
Look closely - on the far left.
Look closely – on the far left.

The design matches Athleta’s color scheme they’re showcasing all over their catalogs, promotional materials, and logos this season, as seen here:

#CrushOfAdrenalinePretty cool! We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to partner with Athleta. Hopefully this will mark a long partnership with the fitness brand!

Announcing our 2014 Ambassador Program

Announcing our 2014 Ambassador Program

Headsweats’ Ambassadors are a part of our extended family. They have a passion for what they do and a love for Headsweats. We are proud to announce our new 2014 Ambassador Program. You’ll notice some familiar faces, along with some new ones. Some of them are runners, some are triathletes, cyclists, ultra-runners, adventure racing teams, but all have one thing in common – the desire to challenge themselves physically and mentally. We want to give all of our Ambassadors a big, warm welcome to the Headsweats family!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 4.16.10 PM

Our Ambassadors are our inspiration – to get out and battle the elements, to challenge ourselves, and to push harder to meet our goals. We’re confident they will provide you with all that and more. In fact, each Ambassador has their own customized discount code that gets you 25% off any online order at

Click here to check out our 2014 Ambassadors to learn more about who they are, what they do, and what makes them special. And feel free to give them a shout out on Facebook, a follow on Twitter, or connect with them on Instagram.

Are you interested in becoming a Headsweats Ambassador? Click here to find out how to apply and see if you’re a good match!

Which one of our Ambassadors inspires you the most? Tell us on our Facebook page!

Athletes of the Month ~ Tecnu Adventure Racing

Athletes of the Month ~ Tecnu Adventure Racing

Ever wonder how an extreme adventure racing team gets started? Here’s a quick recap of how Team Tecnu got started and how far they’ve come today. We’re happy to have Team Tecnu as our Athletes of the Month here at Headsweats!

Team Tecnu
Team Tecnu

Written by Earring Doug Judson

Tecnu Adventure Racing started in 2007 when we stumbled across our amazing partner in Tec Labs and we started off on our amazing journey together testing the boundaries of human endurance. For those of you who don’t know what Tecnu is, it’s a scrub that removes the poisin sumac oils from your skin, clothes, dogs, and gear after coming into contact with it. A not so subtle sponsor plug, but we do love them, and their products rock.

Tecnu Adventure Racing

When I formed the team we set out to find like minded athletes who love to train, and race hard, and love to do it together in exotic locations of the world. In the first couple of years, like in any when you are trying to build the right team and find the right chemistry that works for you to race hard and fast, we had mixed results. 4 years ago we brought Kyle Peter on the team after watching him for a year as a youngster and seeing him racing hard and suffering with a smile on his face, so I decided that we would start forming the team around him, and try to develop some athletes, and see what happens.

Tecnu Adventure Racing

Since 2010 we have won many races, always at or near the top of the podium, but ALWAYS a contender. In 2011 we became the top team in North America winning the ARWS qualifying race, the Gold Rush Mother Lode 4 day expedition race, and represented the U.S at the World Championships in our first venture there, and finished in 12th place as the top team from North America out of 82 teams. Not bad for our first international race against the best teams in the world. We were excited to build on that experience and exposure.

 Tecnu Extreme Adventure Racing

2012 saw us string together a great season with 12 podiums in 12 races finished all over the globe including a 2nd place finish in Ecuador at the Huairasinchi Expedition race, a 3rd place at the Gold Rush Mother Lode expedition race, and a dominating 1st place in Costa Rica that qualified us for the World Championships in France. We also finished in 2nd place at both of our National Championships, narrow misses that we hope to remedy in the coming weeks. We were also featured in 12 episodes of the Wild Racers television series that is supposed to be airing in North America sometime in 2013 which is very exciting for all of our partners.

 Tecnu Extreme Adventure Racing

In 2013 we tweaked the team a little bit adding several new key team members that we felt would help us continue our progression up the food chain in adventure racing. We started the year ranked first in North America, and are currently ranked 5th in the world. We started strong by heading off to South Africa and qualifying for Worlds by finishing 2nd at the most competitive race of the year. We followed that up with a dominating win at the innagural Cowboy Tough 4 day stage race in Wyoming in July, and a close 2nd at the Wilderness Traverse in Canada. We still have some of our main goals still out in front of us with races remaining at the Checkpoint Tracker Nationals, the USARA National Championships, and ending our season in December at the World Championships in Costa Rica. We are training hard hoping for the top rung on the podium at each race. We feel we finally have the team that can compete at any level, and feel that we are peaking at just the right time.

 Tecnu Extreme Adventure Racing

Current team members are founder and manager “Earring” Doug Judson, Team Captain and the “next phenom in the sport of AR” Kyle Peter, Bob Miller the resident Nav God and Canadian on the team, Garret Bean our resident sherpa and whip cracker, the two Queens of the Machine Karen “Super K” Lundgren, and Mindy Fernando. Together we make up Tecnu adventure racing, and hope you will tune in to watch us live the life of adventure. Thanks to Headsweats for this honor, and for continuing to make amazing performance hats that help us push the envelope. Come out and join us in an adventure race. It will change your life.

 Tecnu Extreme Adventure Racing

Follow Tecnu Adventure Racing on Facebook, and for race recaps, updates, and news, check out their website:

Team Tecnu Training Camp 2013

Team Tecnu Training Camp 2013

Team Tecnu training for their first international race of the year, Expedition Africa in May 2013. Enjoy these photos and video:

Team Tecnu Training Camp 2013 April 5-8th, 2013
41 hours of adventure training in 4 days

To give you a taste of their training, watch their video:

Here was the agenda:

FRIDAY (10 hours)
 ~ Early AM trail run in Marin Headlands (2 hours)
 Noon Double Surf Ski Yerba Buena Island+ (6 hours)
 Late PM MTB Oakland Hills (1.5 hours)

SATURDAY (12 hours)
 ~ Early AM MTB from SF (Golden Gate, Headlands, Tam Summit… Tamarancho, Top Secret descent, 680, Pt Reyes) (4 hours)
 Afternoon run Tam, Stinson, Dipsea, Matt Davis, Steep Ravine… (4-6 hours)
 Late afternoon MTB return on roads to SF (2 hours)

SUNDAY (11 hours)
 ~ Early AM MTB from Alameda to Del Valle (3 hours)
 AM Bay Area Orienteering Club Long O Meet (3 hour)
 PM MTB/BART to Alameda (1-2 hours)
 PM Alameda Surf Skis (3 hours)

MONDAY (8 hours)
 ~ Early AM Headlands run (2 hours)
 AM surf skis Angel Island (3 hours)
 PM Skeggs MTB (3 hours)

Tecnu Adventure Racing was 2nd at the 10 hour Rogaine in Spokane, Wa yesterday. Here are a couple of pictures of Garret Bean and Kyle Peter racing:

Garret Bean racing in the Rogaine 2013
Kyle Peter racing in Rogaine 2013

To find out more on Team Tecnu and their 2013 race schedule, visit their website here: and become a fan of them on Facebook.

Headsweats Collegiate Line Debuted at The Running Event Dec 3 – 6

Headsweats Collegiate Line Debuted at The Running Event Dec 3 – 6

Last week, Headsweats debuted the brand new Collegiate Line at The Running Event (TRE), in Austin, TX from December 3 – 6, 2012. Here are the latest details on the Collegiate Line, when they’ll be available to the public, and some updates and pics from TRE!

Headsweats is pleased to announce a partnership with Top of the World Caps, the number one source for collegiate headwear throughout the US. Together, Headsweats and TOW Caps will bring sports enthusiasts, students, alumni, and athletes Headsweats’ best-selling technical headwear with logos from the top 350 colleges and universities across the country.

“We are receiving an overwhelming response from retailers,” says Alan Romick, Headsweats CEO. “They are excited to bring in the collection and offer a technical product that allows their customers to show their school spirit while performing at their personal best.”

The Collegiate Collection will spare no expense in allowing fans to celebrate their team. Previously only available in cotton, Headsweats new collegiate headwear will come equipped with exact school colors, unique school logo, and Headsweats superior Perspiration Technology™. The Collegiate Collection will be available in sublimated Race Hats, Supervisors, Go Hats, and embroidered Podium Hats. Headsweats is excited to give athletes and students the opportunity to truly show their school pride when out for a day of training or racing. Both Headsweats and Top of the World see this as just the beginning of a long and healthy relationship in the world of collegiate apparel.

This collaboration between Headsweats and Top of the World will allow these two leading brands to serve multiple markets with their new Collegiate Collection. Headsweats will continue to work exclusively with their endurance, cycle, and outdoor customers and Top of the World will serve the sporting goods, college bookstores, and team store channels.

Top of the World President Scott Shuler: “We are very excited to partner with Headsweats to offer this exciting new product to a whole new segment of collegiate fans. For years they have been waiting for this product and we are happy they can now express their team spirit on the track or trail.”

Headsweats Collegiate Collection debuted at The Running Event in Austin, TX, December 3 – 6, 2012. Many interested retailers stopped by the Headsweats booth 1166 to see our newest collection, enjoy some healthy competition, and show off their school pride! Everyone wanted to know which universities and colleges were available and which would soon be available in the coming months.

The new Collegiate Line will be available online at and in specialty retailers by December 2012.

Check out some photos from TRE:

The Headsweats Booth at TRE 12

Look at that track!
The Collegiate Line debuting!
The Headsweats Team looking sharp
Our new Collegiate Line logo
Top of the World & Headsweats take on the USA!
Senior Account Manager Jack, goofing around at the booth
Visitors to the Headsweats booth were aplenty
We brought along some other sublimated Headsweats hats to show off

TRE 12 was a success! Can’t wait ’till next year!

Headsweats is Official Headwear Sponsor of the 2012 US National Snowshoe Team

Headsweats is Official Headwear Sponsor of the 2012 US National Snowshoe Team

Headsweats, the world leader in performance headwear for active endeavors, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 2012 U.S. National Snowshoe Team. By providing team members with Headsweats Performance Beanies and Snowflake Beanies, the athletes will be able to stay warm and focused while training and competing.

The 2012 U.S. National Snowshoe Team is comprised of 16 of the finest winter endurance athletes the country has to offer. Many of these athletes are expected to compete all across the U.S., as well as abroad, in numerous major international snowshoe race events. Events for 2013 include the U.S. National Snowshoe Championships in Bend, OR, the La Ciaspolada Snowshoe Race in northern Italy which will serve as the 2013 World Snowshoe Championships and the Teva Winter Games in Colorado.

“When the weather turns cold we know that athletes still need performance headwear to help them perform at their peak,” states Mike McQueeney, President of Headsweats. “Headsweats is proud to be outfitting the US National Snowshoe Team with our premier fleece headwear for their winter training and competitions.”

When winter is at its worst, Headsweats will keep team members toasty with their top of the line Performance Beanies. Offering the quality performance Headsweats is known for in all of its products, the Performance Beanies are made of Eventure™ Fleece and offer a contoured, shaped fit. Even though the weather is cold, winter athletes still sweat and they need the ultimate in moisture management that is offered in all of Headsweats performance wear. The Performance Beanie comes with a band around the bottom edge that allows the wearer a snug fit. The women’s style has an embroidered snowflake on the front and an enclosed ponytail hole in the back for added comfort while wearing.

For more information on the United States National Snowshoe Team and/or the U.S. Snowshoe Association, Inc., go to

2012 US National Snowshoe Team members and their sponsors!

50+ CAF-Supported Athletes On the Road to 2012 Paralympics

50+ CAF-Supported Athletes On the Road to 2012 Paralympics

Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) provides opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. CAF believes that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life. Headsweats is  a proud sponsor of CAF and encourages everyone to watch and support the 2012 Paralympics!

CAF is proud to congratulate our challenged athletes who were chosen to represent TEAM USA in London at the 2012 Paralympic Games. Tune in August 29 – September 9 to cheer them on.

Meet some of TEAM USA’s Paralympians:

Blake Leeper, Track & Field
Katie Holloway, Women's Sitting Volleyball
Rudy Garcia-Tolson, Swimming and Track & Field

Challenged Athletes National Championship at the New York City Triathlon

Over 40 Elite paratriathletes from around the world battled it out on Sunday, July 8 at the New York City Triathlon for a share of a $4,500 prize purse awarded to the top three overall men and women using an innovative “Power Points” format that enabled all six classifications to compete against each other. First ($1,000), second ($750) and third ($500) place were those with the highest point totals.



First Place: Andre Kajlich, USA (Tri 1), Time – 2:13:38, Power Points – 106.93

Second Place: Mohamed Lahna, MAR (Tri 2), Time, – 2:44:57, Power Points – 105.69

Third Place: Geoffrey Kennedy, USA (Tri 1), Time – 2:21:40, Power Points – 100.87


First Place: Clare Cunningham, GBR (Tri 4), Time – 2:27:14, Power Points – 108.21

Second Place: Minda Dentler, USA (Tri 1), Time – 2:59:11, Power Points – 107.03

Third Place: Liz McTernan, GBR (Tri 1), Time – 3:14:46, Power Points – 98.47

Don’t forget to tune into the 2012 London Paralympic Games starting August 29 through September 9. You can find a full schedule of CAF events here. Meet the CAF-supported Paralympians who have qualified to compete in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London by visiting their website at

CAF is proud to congratulate our challenged athletes who were chosen to represent TEAM USA in London at the 2012 Paralympic Games. Tune in August 29 – September 9 to cheer them on.
Watch this live interview with Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper who set American records in the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter events at the Paralympic Trials, the same races he’ll run in London in just a few weeks.