Stand Out With Our Neon Hats

Stand Out With Our Neon Hats

Unless you’re an ardent extrovert, there are probably a lot of times in life you’re not exactly eager to stand out. Whether you’re walking somewhere by your lonesome, entering some place for the first time or, especially, trying to skip out of the office just a bit early, there are a lot of instances where being noticed is the last thing you want.

Other times, you want to make a splash. Runners, hikers and bikers do that with their routines alone, but why not add a little extra flair by decking yourself out in any number of Headsweats’ neon hats? For all of the following reasons, our neon hats will give you a little extra pizzazz all while outfitting you with the same washable, airlight, moisture-wicking material you’ve come to expect.

They Bring the Panache

They’ve got flair, pizzazz, panache and pretty much any fun adjective you want to assign. You really can’t go wrong with green, orange, pink or whatever you might fancy. Think about how much cooler your next Instagram post will be when you’re posting photos of yourself reaching new athletic heights while donning one of these babies. You’re counting the impressions (social media lingo) as we speak.

They Enhance Safety

Transitioning from the exciting to the more mundane, neon hats are also a great option for any safety-conscious outdoor enthusiast. All of the neon hat selections are crafted with our proprietary Eventure reflective fabric, meaning you’ll stand out to other runners and, most importantly, vehicles from dawn to dusk.

The hats are made of lightweight polyester and feature bright-colored shells and reflective trim. To boot, the Eventure knit shell and Eventure terry sweatband create maximum airflow and moisture transfer, leading to a much quicker drying time than standard cotton hats.

We can’t stress enough how smart it is to wear reflective clothing when you’re logging miles in the dark. Particularly, when the days get shorter during winter, show off your smarts and panache by donning a neon hat each and every time you embark on another adventure.


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I had an awesome long run yesterday morning. My muscles were so sore from strength training but I had to keep it moving. I took it easy by running a nice relaxed pace. If you experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from your gym workout don’t stop. Keep going by doing active stretching / active recovery. You might want to cry a little bit and that’s ok. Your strength workout has created small tears in your muscle fibers. The body will heal and rebuild muscle to make you stronger and more efficient (most simply put). Be careful. Ask a professional for advice and continue to have fun! 😆 • • • #running #runners #run #happyrunners #happyrunner #ladies #women #female #moms #workingmom #momlife #fashion #athletics #headsweats #nasm #headsweatsforlife #fitbit #sandiego #california #tuesday #hokaoneone

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They’re a Conversation Starter

Chances are you have friends. Chances are you run/hike/bike, etc. with these friends. Chances are you’d like to make new friends. Chances are you’d like to run/hike/bike, etc. with these new friends. Follow? Okay, good.

In all seriousness, a large part of the exercise experience for many is the accompanying social element of the act. Wearing a neon running hat is a great way to stand out from the crowd and spark up a new conversation with someone who might have just the tip you need to break through to the next level of your craft. Or, perhaps more importantly, they may know just the spot to grab a beverage when your work is complete.

Neon Hats in all Shapes and Sizes

Seeking a conventional hat, a running hat, a cycling hat or a trusty visor? Luckily, they all come in neon. Just as with all of our products, you can personalize yours when it comes to color, logos, messages and pretty much anything else you can imagine. So, ready to put some extra oomph into your look next time you hit the trail? Thank us later.

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