REPREVE + Our Cycling Caps

REPREVE + Our Cycling Caps

We at Headsweats pride ourselves in being well-rounded. After all, we cater to runners, cyclers, hikers, rowers, skiers, snowboarders, construction workers and even chefs. In the interest of your well-roundedness, today we’re going to educate you about something called corporate social responsibility (CSR). Naturally, as jacks of all trade, we care a whole lot about CSR.

CSR is pretty much a fancy term to describe the practices of companies that operate with awareness, and sensitivity, to the fact that they can positively or negatively impact society. Environmental concerns are a big part of this movement today, as many worry about the effects of fossil fuels on global warming and focus on how businesses can contribute to a sustainable environment in the future.

Through a partnership with Unifi, the makers of REPREVE, Headsweats is helping to transform recycled plastic bottles into eco-friendly fiber that will be used in cycling and apparel product lines. All your favorite cycling caps will soon be made from this process, and all the other offerings we’re proud to present will soon follow suit.

What follows here is more about why this is a good thing and how you can be part of it.

Best of Both Worlds

Those who’ve become accustomed to donning a cycling hat, whether they’re riding around the corner or around the state, will be happy to know no concessions will be made when it comes to manufacturing a product that helps athletes perform at their best.

Combining the best of both worlds, utilizing REPREVE technology will allow for superior under-the-helmet cycling caps and athletic apparel without sacrificing performance and quality. The added sustainability benefit means a reduction in Headsweats’ manufacturing footprint, and a small step towards helping save the planet.

Seriously the Best

We don’t mess around with our hats, visors and skullcaps. REPREVE takes just as much pride in what it does. In fact, REPREVE is the leading branded recycled fiber created from post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. As the most trusted, certified polyester fiber made from 100 percent recycled materials, REPREVE is an ideal partner for this unique pursuit.

Where Exactly will REPREVE be Used?

In due time, everywhere. Immediately, though, all of our bicycle caps, including the Classic cycling cap, Super Duty Shorty cycling cap, cycling Skull Cap and Reversible Headband will feature Macro Orb material made from REPREVE. This extremely technical 100 percent recycled polyester fabric wicks away moisture, dries quickly and is very breathable. That’s pretty ideal when your legs are on fire during that next training session or on race day.

You’ll also enjoy REPREVE’s benefits when you throw on our custom Core Performance Plus tee and the Custom Elite Performance tee. Crafted with Pintec material, each is designed to maintain maximum airflow and prevent overheating. That, along with INSTAWICK moisture-wicking technology, will prevent a sweaty, soggy shirt from bogging you down as you pedal your heart out.

More Benefits?

Yes, there are more. We told you we were well-rounded.

In addition to giving new life to recycled materials, we are also helping offset the need for new petroleum, which emits fewer greenhouse gases and ultimately conserves water and energy. This is all possible due to the sophisticated process and innovative technology REPREVE offers. It’s good to be on the cutting edge.

How Will it Look?

It’ll look good. Really good. You can count on continued production of the most cutting-edge, advanced and fun headwear from Headsweats. And, looking good will do actual good. What could be better?


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