Reasons Why You Need to Add a Workout Headband to Your Gym Bag

Reasons Why You Need to Add a Workout Headband to Your Gym Bag

Regardless of your workout of choice, exercise aficionados of all kinds have a few gym bag staples in tow every time they head out for a sweat session. Think of them as tools of the trade. Sneakers, headphones, a water bottle, an extra set of clothes, shower essentials, deodorant and a towel are surefire staples in most gym bags. Here’s another item that should be on your gym bag packing list — a headband.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a runner, a lifter, a hiker or a biker, you’ll find that a headband will quickly become your new secret workout weapon. Why, you ask? For starters, workout headbands are functional and look good. That could be enough in and of itself in some quarters, but here we’ll dive into further detail as to exactly why it needs to be in your gym bag.

Why You Should Add a Headband to Your Gym Bag ASAP

  • It Keeps Sweat Out of Your Eyes — There’s certainly nothing wrong with a good sweat. It can be a sign of a good workout and gives you an undeniably rewarding feeling. But that only goes so far. When sweat drips down your face and even worse gets in your eyes, it can really put a damper on whatever it is you’re doing. Luckily, running headbands for guys and gals are perfect for quickly wicking away sweat to prevent that dreaded trickle down. Our performance wicking fabric is comfortable and well-suited any activity that elevates the heart rate.
  • It Keeps Hair Out of Your Face — Your hair is a big part of your look, so you might want to show it off while you hit the gym, court, track or field. Headbands allow you to do just that without altering your style. One size fits almost all domes, and our full-stretch tubular construction will keep hair from being a distraction so you exert all your energy into the task at hand.

Ultra Band Full Spirit of '76


  • It Keeps You Cool — Headbands help you look cool while simultaneously helping you feel cool. The quick-dry aspect of our headbands is an excellent feature, as it prevents buildup of sweat that could make it heavy and sticky. While there’s no confrontation taking place here, we think it’s safe to say cooler heads prevail.
  • It Keeps You Visible — As a quick glance at our array of headbands will make obvious, we like bright colors and designs. It’s a great way to stand out, both literally and figuratively. Since many folks work out before or after work when it’s dark, it’s nice to have another item that will make it easy for vehicles to spot you. Safety first. Look good second.


UltraTech Headband Black

  • It Keeps You Being You — Workout clothes always present a good opportunity to express your individuality. A headband can fit right into that identity. Camo headbands, sport-specific headbands and headbands depicting pretty much anything from Bigfoot to Colorado pride. These babies help dial up the personality, so everyone knows what you’re all about while you’re getting sweaty.
  • It Keeps You Warm — Most athletes probably don’t think of headbands as being essential items for cold weather, but they truly can be for those who prefer an outdoor workout, even when temps are low. Items like our UltraTech Headband are ideal for keeping your ears warm, but not too warm, on a cold day. For those who are quick to work up a sweat or feel hot, a headband is sometimes a good call in lieu of a winter hat. On those days where it’s really cold, double up for twice the warmth and twice the coolness factor.
  • It Keeps Protect Your Hats — Speaking of hats, we at Headsweats consider ourselves fans. Although it may not necessarily be during a workout, wearing a headband underneath a hat on really hot days is a good way to prevent sweat from soaking into the hat. It’s a fairly small thing, but for those folks who take a lot of pride in their hat collection, maintaining shape and that fresh, new look is important. Headbands can help the cause.
  • It Keeps You Safe — Quality headbands can prevent athletes from becoming dangerously hot during a workout. We know many of you are unfazed by extreme temperatures, but you always need to exercise wisely when the thermostat keeps climbing higher and higher. Working out in hot weather puts extra stress on your body, and the exercise itself, the air temperature and the humidity work together to increase your core body temperature. If you’re not adequately hydrated and wearing sunscreen and proper clothing, you risk feeling sluggish or even worse, experience heat stroke.
  • They Keep You Dry — Headbands are the excess-sweater’s best friend. By wicking away moisture and helping to regulate moisture, a good headband will keep you cool, dry and comfortable while you’re pushing yourself further and harder. The dry factor is also helpful for those of us who tend to get distracted by sweat dripping into the eyes. Comfort plus safety equals a winning workout.

So Which Headband Should You Buy?

Now that you know it’s best not to go without a headband, here’s a look at some our favorite offerings. Between ultra bands, thermal bands, topless bands, reversible bands and plain old conventional bands, you have no reason to go all-in on the headband bandwagon.

Ultra Band - Sunrise

Ultra Band – Sunrise — This versatile, stretchable performance headband can be worn as a wristband, face mask, do-rag and, well, a headband. The design, as you’d expect, is really cool. All the perfect sunrise colors combine for a high-level look.

Ultra Band Full – Gold Rush

Ultra Band Full – Gold Rush — It’s pretty hard to beat landscapes combining water and mountains. The Gold Rush headband offers such a panorama, with the same sweat-wicking material that provides functionality to the nth degree.

Reversible Headband – Hi-Viz Yellow

Reversible Headband – Hi-Viz Yellow —This is pretty much two headbands in one, so what’s not to like? Whether you’re donning the neon yellow or black side, this headband is perfect for running and cycling and will easily fit under your helmet. Made of our proprietary Eventure fabric, it’s lightweight, wicking, breathable and quick-drying.

Reversible Headband – USA Flag

Reversible Headband – USA FlagWe’re sure there’s at least a few exercise nuts out there who relish in the Fourth of July not for barbeque and brews but for the extra rigorous workout they do with their other exercise nut friends. If that’s you, more power to you. Boot camp-style workouts have become more and more en vogue as an ode to servicemen and women.

Wherever you stand there, the USA Flag Reversible Headband is nice to have on call. As the name would suggest, one side features a stellar Stars and Stripes design. The other is adorned in bright red, so you can wear it even if you’re not feeling particularly patriotic.

Thermal Headband – Black Sport Silver

Thermal Headband – Black/Sport Silver — Winter chases some inside into a pseudo-hibernation. Most likely, that some doesn’t include you. Winter is an awesome time to run, bike, hike and adventure without quite as many people around. That said, we all still get cold. Sometimes, very cold. What if there was a way to stay warm? Yes, we at Headsweats have been and are on the case.

If you’re not feeling the winter beanie but still want some protection from the elements, this thermal headband should satisfy your need. It’s the ultimate in technical winter headwear and possesses a reflective design that will keep you in plain sight no matter how dark it is outside. And then there’s that whole warmth thing. Got you covered there, too. The thermal headband’s Eventure fleece is medium weight and moisture-wicking for unsurpassed performance and warmth in the coldest conditions.

Topless Headband – White

Topless Headband – White — Some people just aren’t big on hats or visors when they’re biking or running. Hey, we get it. If that’s you, what you should get instead is a topless headband like this. The Eventure knit fabric will adjust to pretty much all heads, and the technology will keep hair out of your face and sweat out of your eyes, letting you focus on crushing your workout.

More Gym Bag Essentials to Pack Now

In addition to your headband, there are a few other staples that you should pack in your gym bag so you’re ready for whatever the WOD throws your way.

  • To Keep the Rhythm: Headphones — There’s nothing wrong with people who like to be with their own thoughts as they work out, but we think it’s safe to say they’re in the minority. For most, being able to get lost in music or a podcast goes a long way toward giving you a lift so you get the most out of your workout.
  • To Keep You Clean: Cleansing Wipes — If you’re not showering at the gym, it helps to have some cleansing wipes on hand to remove sweat and makeup and even act as a temporary odor neutralizer. Depending how long your journey home is, it’s a good way to feel not quick as icky in the interim.
  • To Keep You Sustained: Gym-Friendly Snacks — You really should probably have snacks in about every bag you own, because why not? In all seriousness, though, a light, protein-filled snack like a protein bar, walnuts or dried fruit can help keep your blood sugar in check and speed up the post-workout healing process, too.

In Conclusion

We at Headsweats want to be encouragers, and we believe our tone makes that abundantly clear. We also believe we’ve done a pretty good job selling you on workout headbands. If you don’t agree, we don’t know to say except re-read and reconsider. Once you do agree, clear some space in that gym bag because a headband needs to take its rightful place.

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