Project America Run Complete; Soldiers Honored by Cross-Country Run

Project America Run Complete; Soldiers Honored by Cross-Country Run

Rockland, ME – October 15, 2010 – Mike Ehredt, a veteran and retired US Postal worker from Driggs, ID, has completed his goal of running from coast to coast honoring fallen U.S. troops lost in Iraq. Coined Project America Run, Ehredt ran a total of 4,425 miles placing an American flag adorned with a yellow ribbon at every mile to recognize and honor each solider. Every flag placed bears the individuals’ name, rank, age, and hometown.

Averaging near 30 miles per day, Ehredt finished in Rockland, ME only 157 days after departing Astoria, OR. Ehredt only took 4 total days off during his trek. Taking 3 years of planning and prepping, Project American Run was completely supported by a team of nationwide volunteers and supports. Host families provided a meal and a place to sleep when Ehredt came through their area. Some of the hosts were actual family members of the fallen soldiers.

Mike with a student placing a flag.

Pushing a stroller laden with his supplies and gold ribbon adorned flags, Ehredt was joined by several people along his way including family, friends, students, veterans, and media. A large group of supporters gathered for the emotional finish on October 15th in Rockland.

When asked about his 6-month long trek and his ability to finish and even ahead of schedule, Ehredt notes, “never open the door of doubt, you will never get it shut again.” His primary focus was on that current day and staying on schedule.

Ehredt’s dream became a reality thanks to a nationwide team of volunteers, gear donations from companies such as Vasque footwear and Headsweats performance headwear, self-funding and private donations.

Ehredt plans to spend a short amount of time in Idaho before traveling to Arizona for an ultra trail race and to visit and run the rims of the Grand Canyon.

For more information about Ehredt and Project America Run, please visit:

Check out this inspirational interview with Mike Ehredt from Channel One:

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