Product Spotlight: The Pom Beanie

Product Spotlight: The Pom Beanie

We’re not here to shame but let’s just be real. Some hats are better than others. Whether it fulfills a need or satisfies a want, getting your hands on an item you really enjoy and can put to use again and again is awesome. And while socks, underwear, gag gifts and the ever-popular last minute gift card have their place, they don’t normally deliver high on the awesome quotient.

If you’re the lackluster gifter or somewhat disappointed giftee, may we call your attention to the pom beanie. Its cool look, functionality, warmth and versatility, among other awesome attributes, will have you smiling as you unwrap it, and years later after you’ve appropriately seasoned it with an array of adventures.

Here’s a deeper dive into why the pom beanie is a must-have this winter.


Whether your idea of enjoying winter is in the elements or as far away from the elements as possible, most can agree that staying warm is ideal. Luckily, a pom beanie will keep your head warm if you’re sitting by the fireplace or heading down a snow-covered mountain on skis or a snowboard.

All of Headsweats’ pom beanies are made of Eventure acrylic knit that will keep your head warm on chilly fall days and the coldest of winter nights. It’s also heavy enough to give you that winter-hat feel without being too cumbersome.

Without getting too scientific, beyond just feeling good, staying warm is essential for your health when the thermostat descends toward zero and below. Even if other parts of your body are well-shielded from the cold, an uncovered head can cause you lose up to 50 percent of your body heat in certain conditions. Furthermore, a cold head can trigger blood vessel constriction in other parts of the body, making your hands and feet cold even if you’re decked out in gloves, warm socks and shoes. Bottom line–pick up a pom beanie or several.


Channeling your inner child with an ode to Frosty? Trying to become one with nature by feeling at one with the Wild West? Tipping your cap to the wilderness wonderland that is Colorado? Wondering about conspiracy theories and want to pay proper respect to Bigfoot? You’re in luck ’cause we’ve got a pom beanie to suit your needs.


As we briefly touched on earlier, the material and weight of our pom beanies is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. We’ve pretty much covered the obvious reason a winter hat is needed for the latter, but the former can make just as much sense whether you’re covering up a bad hair day or just in a hat kind of mood.


The lifestyle, comfort-fit beanie made of Eventure acrylic knit is a one-size-fits-all that fits over the ears. It’s a snug fit that’s not too snug, as you’ll quickly discover once you tug it down over your head.


It doesn’t really matter if you’re an avid skier in Colorado or an avid surfer in Florida. Donning a pom beanie gives you a cool look that will turn heads in the office, at home or in social settings. Yes, the trifecta. What could be better?

Social Media–Ideal

Well, one thing that could be better is getting that great ratio of adoration to jealousy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like. How cool does the above guy look? In the 21st century after all, generating social media buzz is as much a part of the experience.

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