Not Just For Triathletes

Not Just For Triathletes

Though it’s most likely a dream or a goal of a good portion of runners, bikers and swimmers to one day participate, or even finish a triathlon like IronMan, you don’t have to be one to enjoy the attributes of our Headsweats running hats and cycling caps. After all, each and every one of us sweat (if you don’t you’re not doing it right) and the most unique head gear in the industry helps not only triathletes but the most recreational of athletes.

Built with special materials to wick moisture away from your head, our cycling hats, running caps and visors, for both men and women, are designed with your comfort in mind.  Not only are they cool in function, they look cool too. And, though your comfort is important, we simply believe that your safety is even more so.  Its especially important in cold weather to move moisture away from the body, as sweat cools the body as intended, in cold weather hypothermia can be accelerated when sweat is unable to evaporate, keeping skin cool. With Eventure Fleece, stay warm with its breathable, resilience. All of our hats, caps and visors are constructed from our proprietary blend of tech fabrics, our Eventure™ Fabric Technology, our array of athletic headwear keeps you safe and warm too. Whether you are looking to train for a triathlon, race in marathon or just bike with a friend this weekend, we promise a Headsweats hat will keep you looking cool and feeling cooler.

Covering your head, and your adventure need, is our passion at Headsweats and we look forward to helping you choose just the right hat, visor or cap for your athletic endeavors.

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