Mike McQueeney on the New National Parks Truckers

Mike McQueeney on the New National Parks Truckers

mikeHeadsweats President Mike McQueeney shares the story behind the latest collection of Performance Trucker Designs featuring national parks. 20% of sales from this collection go to support the National Park Foundation.

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What led to the decision to donate a portion of sales from this collection to support public lands?

As a Colorado based company, supporting public lands is a natural fit and we are excited to give back to such a great cause.  Having the beautiful Rocky Mountains in our backyard is the best motivation for bringing awareness to the importance of public lands, and Headsweats is proud to give a portion of sales from our trucker collection.

What drew Headsweats to the National Park Foundation?

Headsweats, as a company, supports outdoor activities.  Thus, when the opportunity presented itself, Headsweats was all in.  With the expansion of our Performance Trucker line to include some National Parks, it just made good sense.  Headsweats will expand upon the collection with up to four more National Park offerings to continue support of this initiative.  Headsweats will be donating 20% of the total sales back to the National Parks Foundation throughout 2017.  Public lands need to be cherished, supported and experienced.  Headsweats is honored to support this initiative and feels an obligation to do so.  It is in our DNA!

What’s your favorite National Park and why?

Yosemite National Park is my personal favorite.  Although there are many to choose from such as Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon, Mt Rushmore and Yellowstone.  When I was in Junior College the cross country team would spend a weekend training up in Yosemite camping on the valley floor.  We would conduct training runs as a team.  I remember the big run was from the valley floor to the top of El Capitan (9 miles and 3000 feet of elevation).  It was epic.  The photo above was taken with a camera sitting on a picnic table after the run to El Capitan. This random, however captivating photo of Half Dome in the background was an accident, as it is one of the signature attractions at Yosemite.

Tell us about your first visit to a National Park.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent a lot of time in the Santa Cruz mountains, as my family had a cabin in the woods where there are an abundance of Redwood Trees.  These beautiful trees are only resident in Northern California and are a must see experience.  As a child I remember driving north of Eureka to Redwood National Park.  I thought the Redwoods at the cabin were big and tall, the trees in Redwood National Park were enormous and are the largest and tallest I have ever seen, many over 4 feet in diameter or more. The Redwood Trees have a life like air to them as they reach towards the sky and sway beautifully in the wind.  Visiting Redwood National Park was an experience that is etched forever in my memory.

Everyone knows Bigfoot needs space to roam. Which National Park do you think he currently calls home?

The mythic creature is very mobile.  From Northern California to The Pacific Northwest, many call this the home of Bigfoot with sightngs in Olympic National Park, Mt Hood,  Sequoia National Park and Six Rivers National Park in Northern California. He has been sightings at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, Yellowstone in Wyoming, Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and as far south as the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana.  What this tells me is that he enjoys National Parks as much as we do.  He’s elusive, mysterious and loves the great outdoors!


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