Matt Drayer Climbs Major Ice

Matt Drayer Climbs Major Ice

Matt Drayer, Volunteer/Instructor at AMC-Boston Chapter Mountaineering Committee shares photos and tips from his ice climbing adventures. Makes you wanna find some ice to climb, doesn’t it?!

Steep Ice

2 weekends of intensive instruction are required for students

For more than 25 years, the Boston Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club has offered an introductory ice climbing program to the climbing community. Students admitted to the Ice Program receive two weekends of intensive instruction from our dedicated, experienced volunteer instructors in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Program topics cover a wide range of equipment, techniques, and best practices for climbing safely in the mountains and crags of New England and beyond.

Our Ice Program instructors are passionate, integral members of the local ice climbing community who care about its health and longevity. The way we see it, developing new climbers every year means more possible partners, which translates to more opportunities to have fun. Along the way we’ve had the pleasure of introducing more than 700 people to this exciting sport, teaching them the ins and outs of climbing vertical waterfall ice as well as traveling on mountain and glacial terrain. Many of our students have gone on to explore locations around the world after taking part in our program.

Ice Program instructors

This year’s program was one of our best ever. We had an energetic group of 23 students and enough instructors for each student to pair-up with an experienced climber on the second weekend for two days of dedicated 1:1 instruction. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better instructor-to-student ratio at any climbing school. Feedback from our students regarding their experiences this year was top notch, and we take pride in playing such an important role in each student’s development as a climber.

This year's program was one of our best ever.

Unlike rock climbing, debris is constantly falling from the route during an ice climb – so a helmet isn’t just a good idea, it’s an absolute requirement. Headsweats products such as the Alpine and Performance beanies are perfect complements to an ice climbing setup and you’ll find many of our instructors with a beanie on their noggin and an extra tucked away in their bag for that “just in case” situation. With Headsweats as a generous supporter of the AMC Boston Ice Program since 2012, we know each winter that our heads are covered!

Maybe we’ll see YOU out on the ice next year! Climb on,


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