Let’s Rock and Roll through Ohio

Let’s Rock and Roll through Ohio

Rachael Allen made her way through Ohio, biking and running 250 miles to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. She talks about her journey here:

Let’s Rock and Roll Through Ohio

by Rachael Allen

July 1, marked the first day along my 250 mile adventure along Ohio to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. This is close to my heart because my grandma, Ruby Allen, suffered with ALZ the last years of her life. When she passed away in 2012, I knew I had to do something in her honor. The 250 mile adventure was created.

The original plan was to leave on July 4 ((my grandma’s favorite holiday)) but due to weather and thunderstorms heavier in the week, decided to get a jump start. Moving it early meant I would be riding by myself most of the way, with not a lot of support. Luckily, my dad was able to get time off work to bike with me. He’s such a big cyclist and was excited to bike across Ohio with him, 250 miles in 4 days…..

We kicked off our ride in Cleveland making our way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. By this time we had been hanging out in the car wondering when the rain would pass. We knew we had a long road ahead of us and needed some musical inspiration! The wait out the rain we decided to check out the museum.

By the time we were done the storm had passed, still dark and overcast we knew we had to get on the road. My mom, such a navigator and our biggest support was happy to help us in any way possible. We ate our CLIF bars filled out water bottles and headed off on the adventure hoping for the best!

For majority of the ride it was overcast and cloudy, with some rain in between. Biking through Northern Ohio offered some amazing sites that I never knew existed.

Biking through Ohio was gorgeous, minus the dark clouds that loomed over. For the most part I felt pretty good, but had been battling a stomach ache all day which didn’t want to pass. The ride was wet and muddy. By the time we stopped my entire backside was caked in mud and molded to my body. Riding mostly on limestone along the Towpath trail made for a difficult ride slowing down our pace. Riding along the Cuyahoga River made for some flooding along the way, but we powered through!

from a 75 mile day: 68 on the bike then running to my house to finish with 75 miles.

We finished around Massillon knowing we have a LONG day ahead of us! Praying for paved trails and no limestone would be ideal! Kicking off the morning with a run then hoping on the bikes! Overall, day 1 was good with a lot of obstacles out way. I never once thought that we couldn’t get through this! Rain or shine, we have to make this happen!

This biggest thing fueling me through this is the support from my amazing friends, family, Nike family, and Trisports team! You are all amazing! Your words of encouragement fuel me, and I look to them for inspiration. You can all support by visiting my website: http://raerunlove.wordpress.com/

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