Items Every Cyclist Must Have

Items Every Cyclist Must Have

There are few things worse than having a mishap while cycling and not being prepared enough to handle it yourself and get back on the trail. Remaining able to deal with issues that may come up, like a flat tire, is key in enjoying any bike ride. Here are a few items that every cyclist should always carry along.

  • Spare bike tube and tire levels – The most common problem that cyclists face is a flat tire. Make sure you have the gear to replace your tube and of course, one to take its place. Tire levels are essential as they slide under the tire and help you pull it off the rim in order to replace the tube. Triple check to make sure that the tube is the correct size for your bike.
  • Patch kit -In order to help other cyclists on the trail and to make sure you are doubly-covered when your spare tube gets punctured too, a patch kit should always be kept on hand.
  • Bike pump – Obviously if you need to change or repair a tire during a ride you’ll need air to put into it. Get one that is lightweight and will clamp to your bike but has enough power to not exhaust your energy on filling up a tube.
  • Multi-tool – With every type of tool bunched into one convenient and portable package, a multi-tool can help with a variety of unexpected bike and equipment adjustments or tweaks.
  • Cycling cap – A cycling cap can help both insulate your head in colder weather and protect your head in warmer weather. Worn under your helmet, cycling hats by Headsweats, are thin enough to be comfortable, and include a Coolmax® terry sweatband to absorb perspiration and help you avoid sweat blindness.
  • Other necessities – Identification, money, insurance card and a cell phone are all important personal items to carry with you on every ride, especially when riding alone. If you should have a serious accident, these items are essential in making sure that you get the proper care.

What items do you include on every ride with you? We’d like to hear from you if you have anything you would add to this list.



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