How Far Can We Go?

How Far Can We Go?

The ultramarathon – a distance attempted by few and questioned by many.  But for Headsweats employee and ultrarunner T.R. Maloney, the ultramarathon represents a journey into an entirely different realm of physical and mental capacity that makes every step worth it.  Follow T.R.’s ultrarunning journey as he prepares for his next ultrarunning venture – a 24-hour ultramarathon!

I guess it’s the unknown of what is going to happen that keeps me wanting to do it again. I love all distances of running, but when you pin on a number knowing it’s going to be on your chest for 100 miles or more you’ve opened a door to another level – both physically and mentally.ColdRun Leadville, 2012 at 2:00am. I’m losing it. I keep seeing cars in the dense forest and monsters hiding behind trees. My pacer is beginning to worry I’m delirious and seeing things. We’ve been chugging along for hours and I’ve fallen asleep once already while running. Luckily, he grabbed me before I headed off the side of the mountain.

Soon we hit the next aid station and I’m eating mashed potatoes out of my friend’s hands like a bird and panicking about my time. My pacer looks at my wife and tells her “He’s so gone it’s scary.” I push through the delirium for another couple hours and finally the cold black sky starts to break into a burning orange on the horizon. Hope is alive and I keep marching to the finish line to collect my Leadville 100 belt buckle.

LV50 Finish

That’s the attraction for me. How deep can I goand come back? I’ve run 50’s and 100’s while losing toenails, skin, and my mind, but my legs kept moving forward. In my darkest hours my legs just wanted to keep going. It’s magical and terrifying at the same time.

This time I want you to take the journey with me on a virtual level. On October 17th I am going to start running at 8 a.m. and I won’t stop until 8 a.m. the next morning. It’ll be 24 hours of foot pounding, mind bending insanity. I’m going to toe the line in my Headsweats Performance Trucker and see what I have in my body and mind that day. It could be glorious…it could be a train wreck. That’s the fun part. We won’t know until it happens. It’s a 24-hour party and you are all invited.

TR hat

Headsweats is going to cover the event from the days leading up to the race and through the duration of the event. There will be tweets, videos and photos of all the action. Your input and comments will be read to me at the aid station stops so make them good and I’ll reply back! With your help I think we can have some fun and show the running world how it’s done the Headsweats way!

So fire up your computer or grab your smartphone and join me on October 17th as I take on the St. Pat’s 24 Hour Race in South Bend, Indiana. You can follow the action at #Headsweats24 – I’m counting on your help!

TR Maloney
Ultra Runner

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