Highlights from Winter Outdoor Retailer 2013

Highlights from Winter Outdoor Retailer 2013

Look at all those collegiate hats!

2 weeks ago, the Headsweats team attended the Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, UT. It being the largest trade show in the outdoor industry, we were pretty pumped to be there. This year, we debuted our new Collegiate Collection of Headsweats hats. Everyone who stopped in our booth was excited to try on hats and visors with their favorite teams logos on them – perfect timing, what with March Madness on the horizon. (Coincidence? We think not…)

Aside from manning the Headsweats booth throughout the week, the Headsweats team enjoyed a great dinner with the TOW Executives – who are partnering with us on the Collegiate Collection – as well as dinner with the Darby Comm gals. Two awesome highlights of the week!

We snapped lots of pics throughout the week – enjoy!

Early on in the week - snapping photos of the Salt Palace's interior
Headsweats University ~ the new Collegiate Collection
Outside the Salt Palace

Want an interactive view? Watch our booth tour.

We were lucky to be featured in the OR Daily, and HS Exec. Jack was interviewed by Cameron Martindell on Day 3. You can watch Jack’s interview at minute marker 3.54.

OR Coverage

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