Headsweats Sponsored Athlete, Greg Pressler, Recounts Badwater 2011

Headsweats Sponsored Athlete, Greg Pressler, Recounts Badwater 2011

On July 11, 2011, Greg Pressler took on Badwater Ultra Marathon for the second time.  In October he plans on competing in the Furnace Creek 508 bike race. Doing both Badwater and the Furnace Creek 508 is called the “Death Valley Cup“.  Continue reading for insight into Greg’s Badwater experience.

Headsweats Sponsored Athlete, Greg Pressler

My race ended up very, very far from my pre-race goal of sub-30 hours. I suffered the fate of an upset stomach at mile 40, which took major wind out of my sails. Then, the heat of the roadway ate away at my feet, causing massive blisters–a fate I also suffered in 2007 but to a lesser extent then. This time, each step was brutally painful and basically took away my race.

However, at the ‘end of the day,’ I find myself looking at this here belt buckle that proclaims my status as a (now 2x) finisher of Badwater, and that feels pretty nice. Perhaps in 20 or 40 years, if fortune smiles upon me and I’m able to walk this earth for that long, I’ll be able to remember back to the day when I got to play a small part in the magical event known as Badwater, and reflect how my life is much richer for the experience.

The Headsweats caps I wore were superb! I wore two different versions during the race and they were simply fantastic! The Protech and the Long Bill were so comfortable and helpful in the world’s toughest footrace. I have nothing but deep gratitude for the support of Headsweats and their exceptional product.

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