Headsweats is proud to sponsor the 2011 Tour de H20

Headsweats is proud to sponsor the 2011 Tour de H20

Headsweats will continue to support the Tour de H2O in 2011. The 2010 Tour de H2O began with a simple, tangible goal… raise money to construct two water wells in partnership with Global Partners for Development and the Kakelo Community of Western Kenya. Thanks to the many who donated, the 2010 Tour de H2O far surpassed thier original fundraising goal and raised $22,000! As a result, they will be able to fund an additional water well for the Bam Got Community of Western Kenya and contribute to the Songota Water Project in Northern Tanzania.

These funds were allocated to multiple communities in Kenya to dig and complete wells so that all the local villages would have access to water. Below is an account of each community they supported and where those communities are in the process of their well.

Kakelo Community Water Wells (Nyanza Province, Western Kenya)

The cost to build two wells in the Kakelo Community was over $10,000 and as with all the GPFD project, the Kakelo Community contributed a significant portion of the project funding.

Mr. Zachary Juma Onditi, Chairman of the Kakelo Empowerment Group state recently that the wells are currently being dug, and will be completed and providing water by February 2011. Check the Tour de H20 website for additional updates and photos of water well construction as soon as they are available.

Water well and pump similar to well proposed for Kakelo

Bam Got Community Water Well (Nyanza Province, Western Kenya)

Tour de H2O also funded two water wells in partnership with GPFD and the Bam Got Community as part of the their wedding in 2008, however, the original proposal from the Bam Got Women’s Group had requested that three wells be constructed to accommodate the community’s water needs. In order to complete the entire scope of the original project, a portion of the 2010 Tour de H2O donations will go to constructing the third water well in the Bam Got Community. Construction on this well is now in progress and will also be completed by February 2011!

One of the Bam Got Community’s Newly Completed “Wedding Wells” in 2009

Songota Water Project (Arusha District, Tanzania)

This remaining balance from the Tour de H20 fundraising efforts will be allocated to the Songota Water Project in Ngiresi Village, Arusha District, Tanzania. This water supply system upgrade project will expand an existing system that currently provides water to the Ngiresi Primary School. This project already has a protected source, 2 km (1.2 mi) of distribution pipeline and a water storage tank. GPFD has approved a proposal to replace a section of the existing water distribution pipe (from the holding tank to the primary school), two new water storage tanks, and additional distribution lines extending from the new water storage tanks to domestic taps in two other areas of the community.

Mark your calendar for May 21, 2011 for the Pedal for Progress Ride. Donations for the upcoming 2011 Tour de H2O will be applied to the Kasipul Kabondo Constituency Project. This wide-ranging project, located near Oyugis, Kenya, will provide access to clean water, implement sanitation improvements and provide hygiene education to twenty-two schools. Each School Project Committee will contribute 25% of the value of the project budget for their school.

Please visit www.tourdeh2o.org for additional information on this project as well as to register to participate in the 2011 Tour de H2O!

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