Headsweats Athlete Penny Comins Reflects on Prepping for the ING NYC Marathon

Headsweats Athlete Penny Comins Reflects on Prepping for the ING NYC Marathon

Sitting at the kitchen table in England I am reading through my Official Handbook for the ING New York marathon. I have done the training, all 560 kilometers of it, over the past eight weeks. I have run two half marathons, including one that I won, and run a few road relays with my running club – South London Harriers. I have calculated and re-calculated paces and spent many a run fascinating about what finishing time I would like to see above my head after 26 miles. Yet reading through the guide I haven’t thought about the enormity of the event itself.

Penny with her guidebook

On November 7, 43,000 athletes will descend on the roads of New York and run the five boroughs. This doesn’t seem too daunting; I have run 15 marathons before including London, Paris and Rome. It is the 120 bands on the route and the expected crowds of 3 million people that are going to be out of this world. What a blast!

The energy at this marathon will be electric and will help to get me through the tough sections. I hope to get the rock star feeling and use that energy to help me run faster. If it all gets too much I am going to hide behind my Headsweats visor and just focus on hitting my five kilometer target times. I will be having half a Maxifuel gel every 20 minutes to power me to the end.

Penny at the Maidstone Half Marathon

The NYC marathon, I have learned, isn’t just a one day event. There is a lot going on before and after the event. I plan to drag my non-running boyfriend to the Continental Airlines International Friendship run on Saturday morning and get to the ING Lounge to listen to some of the pro’s talking about their experiences. Best of all, I have put away a pound for every run I have done since the beginning of 2010 with the thought of buying myself a Tiffany and Co. necklace. Yesterday I took it to the bank and I had £244 which exchanged to $400. Brilliant! I hope I’m engraving 3.25 on the back of that Big Apple pendant in six days.

Off to run,


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