Headsweats and Summertime Cycling Tips

Headsweats and Summertime Cycling Tips

Though we look forward to the warmer days of summer as we suffer through the colder temps of winter, it’s likely that we’ll complain about the heat once it’s here. We’re kind of funny like that. However, the heat is hardly an excuse to not get out of the house and on your bike. After all, you lamented the snowy days when they stopped you from being able to enjoy a ride; don’t allow the heat to stop you from doing what you love. Just keep these tips in mind to help keep your ride both safe and enjoyable.

  • Hydrate. Though it seems obvious, riders everywhere often forget just how much water and electrolytes they will be using up on a hot ride. Make sure to take in enough before, during and after your ride.
  • Start earlier. If possible, ride in the early morning to avoid the heat of the day.
  • Choose the proper attire. Wearing the right material and colors can help keep you cool. Avoid cotton and other materials that can soak you in sweat and choose jerseys in lighter colors that don’t absorb as much sun.
  • Look for shade. Don’t stop for rest in the full sun. This will actually raise your body temperature more than riding. Find a shady spot to rest or, if possible, stop in a local business to cool down.
  • Cover your head. Wearing a Headsweats cycling cap under your helmet can protect your head from sun and keep it cooler too. With our patented moisture-wicking materials, our cycling caps help keep sweat from pooling and our headband stops it from getting into your eyes.

Enjoy comfortable rides throughout the summer with cycling hats and caps by Headsweats.

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