Headsweats Ambassador Doug Kurtis to Run 200th Marathon

Headsweats Ambassador Doug Kurtis to Run 200th Marathon

Headsweats ambassador and marathon running legend, Doug Kurtis, is getting ready to run his 200th marathon on October 17th at the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Kurtis, 58, was a former director of the marathon.

The world record holder for the most career sub 2:20 marathons, 76 total, and most marathon wins, 40 total, Kurtis averaged 12 marathons per year from 1981 – 1997 and has five decades of sub 3-hour marathon finishes under his belt. He has been an Olympic Trial Qualifier for 5 years and is an inspiration to runners everywhere. In ’96 while competing in what would be his last Olympic Trial, Kurtis saw a racer having a rough time and who was ready to drop out. He quickly came to the runner and encouraged him to finish the race.

Kurtis runs Grandma's Marathon

“I would never have imagined that I would run 200 marathons and have had the opportunity to travel all over the world,” said Kurtis when asked about his journey to this point. “When I look through the list it doesn’t seem possible to have run so many fast marathons. I still love competing and get excited about chasing a goal. I also feel fortunate that I’ve been able to use what I’ve learned from my running experiences to create running events that people enjoy attending.”

Kurtis likes to take it easy and avoid injury when racing. In all his years of racing and running he has never had a serious injury. His typical run begins slowly and, as her warms up, he starts to pick up the pace. In his blogs on nationalmarathon.com he consistently writes about injury prevention and preparing for races by having the right clothing and shoes.

“It’s great to be aligned with such a monumental runner,” says Kay Martin of Headsweats, “He is an inspiration to athletes of every age and ability.”

Headsweats is proud to outfit Doug Kurtis in their headwear and would like to congratulate him on his 200th marathon and wish him good luck!

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