Get to know new Headsweats sponsored athlete: Kino

Get to know new Headsweats sponsored athlete: Kino

Meet Hideki Kinoshita – otherwise known as Kino – Headsweats-sponsored athlete and marathon fanatic. Kino has certainly been busy the past couple of months – competing in the Asheville Marathon in North Carolina, the Lower Potomac River Marathon in Maryland, and the LA Marathon.

Kino at the Asheville Marathon

“It’s been 4.5 years since my first marathon, and I’ve now run 125 of them in all 50 states & DC, 26 states & DC into my second round, 7 countries, and 4 continents, including 23 ultramarathons, 6 of which were 100 milers. Just when I complete one goal, a new goal pops into mind. First it was 50 States then Titanium (the highest Marathon Maniacs level), and now it’s the 50sub4 Club (a sub-4 hour marathon in all 50 states), 7 Continents, and Boston Qualifying. The fun never stops.”

RIF #88 Hideki Kinoshita after the Comrades Marathon

Why does Kino enjoy endurance running so much?
“I enjoy being around other runners. Runners tend to share a laid back outlook and be genuinely kind. I immediately noticed this when I started becoming friends with other long distance runners. I have heard other marathoners and ultra runners making the same remarks countless times. I believe that since runners voluntarily put themselves into and endure high pain threshold situations, this allows them to be better able to empathize with others who are less fortunate. From my experience, runners are an overwhelmingly caring and compassionate group of people. Running also makes me a better person.”

Years Running: 4.5 years (his first marathon was on 2008/09/21)
Favorite Race Distance: The Marathon (26.2mi / 42.2km)
Favorite PR: 2012 Fargo Marathon (Fargo, ND), 3:19:12 (7:36 min/mile)
Favorite Race: Comrades Marathon (56 mi ultra in Durban, South Africa)
Favorite Bling: 50 States Marathon Club – Certified Finisher Plaque

To view his complete profile on Headsweats, click here. This great article on Kino really digs deep – discovering what motivates him to run, his experience, and the different causes he runs for throughout the year.

What’s next for Kino? Connect with him online and through social media:
PanCAN Charity Fundraiser:
Back on My Feet NYC Fundraiser:
WTC Health Program Fundraiser:
@RunKino Blog//Twitter/Facebook

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