Five Advantages to Wearing a Winter Beanie or Headband

Five Advantages to Wearing a Winter Beanie or Headband

Stop us if you’ve heard it before. “I was on a roll doing 30 miles a week and then winter’s first snow hit and…” We’ll leave it for you to fill in the blank but if you’re an avid runner, cycler, hiker, roamer or anything in between, chances are you know where the statement is headed.

Freezing temperatures, biting wind, snow, sleet and freezing rain have slowed down more than a few athletes through the years. All these factors, combined with less daylight, can make it harder to motivate yourself for that morning or evening workout.

Luckily, we’re here to help you prevent a case of the winter doldrums. So track down that winter beanie in your closet, check out the newest headwear and read on to find out our five advantages for wearing a winter beanie or headband.


First things first–functionality. Thermal pom beanies help you stay warm when it’s cold. It’s pretty simple. Even better is that the insulation and warmth you get out of your favorite winter hat can also come with sweat-wicking material that conveniently fits under your helmet if you’re a biker.

On the more technical side, providing your mom support for her “please wear a hat and bundle up!” plea as you hit the door, hats can ward off unnecessary winter ailments. Harvard Health estimates that an uncovered head can result in a loss of up to 50 percent of your body heat in certain elements. Beyond making you uncomfortable, a cold head can trigger blood vessel constriction in other parts of the body, meaning your hands and feet will get cold even if they’re well-protected.


Speaking of well-protected, a winter headband or hat will help shield you from those UV rays you probably don’t think about quite as much when it’s cold out. While it may not seem like sun can be as damaging on a snow-soaked landscape as it is on a sand-soaked one–well–it is. Perhaps even more.

For hikers, skiers and snowboarders who relish high altitudes, that along with UV rays reflected by the snow result in increased risk of sun damage and skin cancer. UV radiation exposure actually increases four to five percent with every 1,000 feet above sea level. Snow also reflects up to 80 percent of UV light from the sun, meaning hats, ultra bands, scarves and the like are extra important.


It’s pretty easy to want to throw a winter hat on when it looks as good as it does. A stylish beanie is the perfect accent to winter outfits for male and female outdoor enthusiasts alike. A range of styles, colors, branding and personalization options abound, delivering something for everyone. Colorado pride? We’ve got you covered. Channeling your inner child with an ode to Frosty? Also covered. Get it? Good.


Also good–check that, pretty great–is the comfortable fit a winter beanie offers. The snugness to your head provides warmth and protection from the sun and a bad hair day. On the latter, in all seriousness, a well-fitted winter cap is great for guys or gals with longer hair so they can focus on hitting the trail or pounding the pavement without worrying about hair getting in the way.


Who doesn’t like something tailored to their needs and wants? If you’re picky about what you place on your dome, you can view styles, logo types and other options to satisfy every whim. Express away as you stay warm.

1 More Reason to Stay on Schedule

With warmth as our ultimate objective, we hope we’ve convinced you why a winter beanie is a must as you step outside this winter. Whether it’s staying warm on a short jaunt around the corner or a day-long hike in all of winter’s glory, there’s at least five advantages and probably a whole lot more to donning a beanie or headband. Make mom happy and don’t leave home without it.

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