Everyday Wellness

Everyday Wellness

Today, the 17th annual National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, is a day to celebrate the importance of regular physical activity and health awareness for women everywhere. This day is an important reminder to women to get out and move our bodies or to take time to slow down to help with continued physical fitness and health.

Here are some ways that you can share in this celebration of women’s health and fitness:

  1. Take a hike. Hiking is great physical activity that gets the heart pumping and can take you to new places and spectacular views. A change in scenery is a sure-fire mood booster.
  2. Go for a walk. Walking is another great activity to take you outdoors and if you have a dog they will thank you too.
  3. Go for a run. Of course this is one of my favorite tips! Running is great for your overall health and fitness and you can do it alone to achieve peace or to challenge yourself. You can also do this with some of your favorite female running friends and enjoy the company while staying fit and active too. Running is also another great way to get out and see something new.
  4. Do some yoga. I have been doing more yoga lately because of the great benefits of all of that deep stretching. Yoga also helps you to find centered breathing.
  5. Try something new! For me this year it was CrossFit which some people think is overly intense but what they don’t realize is that CrossFit promotes functional fitness and can be modified for all levels. Lifting has great benefits for bone density and bone health. Other activities that you might try are cycling, spinning, swimming or tennis.
  6. Get a massage. A massage can help relieve tension and stress and can help sore muscles to recover. Sometimes slowing down and getting a massage is just as important as going for run or a walk.
  7. Slow down. To give your mental health a boost, slow your breath and quiet your mind even if it’s only for a few minutes. This practice is great for your overall mental wellbeing. Meditation can help you to deepen your breathing, help you with sleep, and even has positive benefits for your immune system.
  8. Be sun-smart. Be sure to apply your SPF and think about wearing Headsweats hats and visors to protect you from the sun while you are out adventuring!

What are some ways that you will celebrate National Women’s Health and Fitness Day this year?

Sandra Laflamme, Organic Runner Mom

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