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Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid Before and During Running

Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid Before and During Running

We’ve all heard the advice about carbo-loading before your big race; or drinking a ton of water to get hydrated before a marathon. But where some pre-race nutrition guidelines can actually help you to run a successful race, others may actually hurt your chances of finishing at all. Avoiding these nutrition mistakes before and during your race will help you in the long run (pun intended).

  • The Carbo-load. The myth is that you need that extra boost of carbohydrates to help fuel your body through the race. In actuality, the place you may be running to is the restroom and not so much towards the finish line. Don’t overload the night before, but rather consume normal quantities of carbs the week before the race and allow your body to process them in the way that it should without the glut.
  • Experimenting with something new. Trying a new food or energy supplement right before or even during the race can bring unexpected results – and not in a positive way. New foods can cause stomach distress and leave you dehydrated and unable to experience the race at your optimal levels.
  • Burning calories without replenishing. If you are running longer than an hour than you are going to want to refuel during your event. Keeping handy sources of carbs on hand can help you avoid feeling lethargic and spur you further on.
  • Skipping breakfast the day of the race. Whether you normally skip breakfast on any given day, or if race day jitters make you feel slightly nauseous, you’ll want to overcome those issues and make sure to get in a quality breakfast anyway. Keeping your blood sugar steady and providing you with energy to start your race off on the right foot are why eating a wholesome but light breakfast. Opt for a smoothie if solid food leaves you feeling too full.

With all of the advice out there about race day nutrition it is important to find out what works for you. We do know that no matter what preparation you’ve made for your race, we’ll be there to provide protection during your race. Headsweats running caps, hats and visors are specifically manufactured with runners in mind with innovative and breathable fabrics and our exclusive built-in sweatband that helps keep you comfortable and your sweat out of your eyes. With the coolest in visors for men and women, Headsweats look great every step of the way.


Headsweats Collegiate Line Debuted at The Running Event Dec 3 – 6

Headsweats Collegiate Line Debuted at The Running Event Dec 3 – 6

Last week, Headsweats debuted the brand new Collegiate Line at The Running Event (TRE), in Austin, TX from December 3 – 6, 2012. Here are the latest details on the Collegiate Line, when they’ll be available to the public, and some updates and pics from TRE!

Headsweats is pleased to announce a partnership with Top of the World Caps, the number one source for collegiate headwear throughout the US. Together, Headsweats and TOW Caps will bring sports enthusiasts, students, alumni, and athletes Headsweats’ best-selling technical headwear with logos from the top 350 colleges and universities across the country.

“We are receiving an overwhelming response from retailers,” says Alan Romick, Headsweats CEO. “They are excited to bring in the collection and offer a technical product that allows their customers to show their school spirit while performing at their personal best.”

The Collegiate Collection will spare no expense in allowing fans to celebrate their team. Previously only available in cotton, Headsweats new collegiate headwear will come equipped with exact school colors, unique school logo, and Headsweats superior Perspiration Technology™. The Collegiate Collection will be available in sublimated Race Hats, Supervisors, Go Hats, and embroidered Podium Hats. Headsweats is excited to give athletes and students the opportunity to truly show their school pride when out for a day of training or racing. Both Headsweats and Top of the World see this as just the beginning of a long and healthy relationship in the world of collegiate apparel.

This collaboration between Headsweats and Top of the World will allow these two leading brands to serve multiple markets with their new Collegiate Collection. Headsweats will continue to work exclusively with their endurance, cycle, and outdoor customers and Top of the World will serve the sporting goods, college bookstores, and team store channels.

Top of the World President Scott Shuler: “We are very excited to partner with Headsweats to offer this exciting new product to a whole new segment of collegiate fans. For years they have been waiting for this product and we are happy they can now express their team spirit on the track or trail.”

Headsweats Collegiate Collection debuted at The Running Event in Austin, TX, December 3 – 6, 2012. Many interested retailers stopped by the Headsweats booth 1166 to see our newest collection, enjoy some healthy competition, and show off their school pride! Everyone wanted to know which universities and colleges were available and which would soon be available in the coming months.

The new Collegiate Line will be available online at and in specialty retailers by December 2012.

Check out some photos from TRE:

The Headsweats Booth at TRE 12

Look at that track!
The Collegiate Line debuting!
The Headsweats Team looking sharp
Our new Collegiate Line logo
Top of the World & Headsweats take on the USA!
Senior Account Manager Jack, goofing around at the booth
Visitors to the Headsweats booth were aplenty
We brought along some other sublimated Headsweats hats to show off

TRE 12 was a success! Can’t wait ’till next year!