Badwater, redux: 2011

Badwater, redux: 2011

Read Headsweats athlete, Greg Pressler’s, blog and see what he has to say about Headsweats. He also shares his 2007 Badwater experience and his training for 2011 Badwater.

When the heat is ‘turned up to eleven’ (obligatory Spinal Tap reference), there’s no other cap I want on my head than one offered by my friends at Headsweats. I’ll be wearing the Long Bill and Protech versions in the heat of the Mojave. Most comfortable hats ever! I forget it’s even on my head…that is, until the sun is cranking down and I need life-giving shade!

In July of 2007, I finished what was the most difficult endurance event I had ever entered, the Badwater Ultramarathon. For 135 miles through Death Valley, California in the searing heat–where temperatures crest 120 degrees F–I made my way from the dry lake bed of Badwater to the slopes of Mt. Whitney. I had a good day and finished in 13th place.

Now, four years later, I’m ready to do it again. In two weeks I’ll be joining some of the world’s best ultrarunners (or, craziest, at least!) as we start another version of the race.

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