Avoiding Running Injuries

Avoiding Running Injuries

So, you were certain that you were going fairly easy on yourself, but here you are again, icing that knee or babying that shin splint. Most of us are knowledgeable in the treatment of these running injuries but how to avoid them is somewhat lesser known. If you are experiencing repeated injuries after running, a few adjustments prior to, and during your routine may be called for.

1. Injuries often come from overtraining. Adding miles, intensity or both is obviously going to add stress to the body, that’s the point; but adding too much, too quickly can cause injury to our joints and muscles. Patience is key here. Stretch yourself by adding no more than 10 percent of your average on a weekly basis. Slowly build to that goal in order to avoid being sidelined completely.

2. It all starts with the feet. Make sure that the running shoe you invested in fits not just your feet but your running style too. The wrong type can set up the wrong dynamics, causing the body to have to compensate. If these compensations are often repeated in an unnatural fashion, pain and discomfort is guaranteed to follow. Get properly fitted at a specialty running shop and replace them often. The guideline is generally every 350-500 miles.

3. Make sure to train your body overall. Strengthen the muscles that support your running muscles. Being out of balance can cause joint to overwork themselves.

4. Avoid shock. Try not to run on concrete; being ten times harder than asphalt all that shock is transferred to your legs. Look to run on grass and trails often but make sure to change it up as a sudden transfer to asphalt can be jarring to joints.

5. Keep hydrated. One of the most obvious preventions to most any injury is a well-hydrated body. Keeping hydrated before, during and after training sessions keeps joints and muscles well lubricated and moving freely.

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