Team Pond Hoppers at the Vienna Marathon

Team Pond Hoppers at the Vienna Marathon

This post was made by Julie Oldfield, Account Manager here at Headsweats. In April, she ventured to Vienna for the Vienna Marathon!

In April, my husband & I traveled to Vienna, Austria for the Vienna Marathon and to meet up with our good friends, a brother/sister duo, who live in London. We try our best to get together every year for a race and some travel time. In 2011, Brett & Amanda made the trip to our side of the pond for the Chicago Marathon, so it was our turn to ‘pond hop’ this year.

The night before…race preparation
The Expo entrance
Julie before the start

Vienna is a beautiful city and the race course took us through all the various neighborhoods, finishing in the historical Heldenplatz plaza. I had decided to only run the half marathon because I wanted to enjoy our vacation after the race. Brett joined me for the half and Amanda completed all 26.2 miles. Unfortunately, my husband Doug wasn’t able to run, due to a fractured rib while riding go karts over Spring Break with our 16 year old son. He ended up being a great cheerleader and was there at the finish line for me.

Table sign in the Team Zone
Amanda finishing the marathon

The next race for Team Pond Hoppers is going to be the Walt Disney Half Marathon in January 2014, and then we are looking at the Barcelona Marathon or Amsterdam Marathon for 2015-2016. Training for the races isn’t so bad when we get to see the world while running them!

Team Pond Hoppers
front row (l-r) Jean, Kirsten, Amanda
back row (l-r) Julie, Brett, Doug
Jean is Brett & Amanda’s mom. Kirsten is Brett’s girlfriend. They were our ‘support crew’!

The day after…let the vacation begin!

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