2014 Runs Are Looking a Little Weird

2014 Runs Are Looking a Little Weird

The Color Run. The Hot Chocolate Race. The Electric Run and the Foam Fest. Things have gotten a little more than a bit wild in the racing world these days. Though perhaps shunned by the more “serious” of runners, these off-the-wall and unusual 5 and 10k races have brought extra attention, and participants, to run/walks that would normally stick close to home on race day.

While most 5k races are still traditional or based around a charity event, the recent boom in Americans participating in road races seem to be fueled somewhat by these wacky foot races, where fun is the focus and parties ensue. Basically, these wildly popular runs, though relatively small in numbers, compared to the larger races in the nation, collectively have helped to increase the number of participants to more than 15.5 million race finishers in 2012. We just hope that, they look to remain safe and comfortable, and of course, wearing a Headsweats running cap or running hat (wink, wink).

Frankly, we love it. Yes, we’re finding more of those less-than-serious about the sport, chatting and drinking coffee as they walk, rather than run, the route. Yes, the starting line at these events are looking more like an arena concert. But, since you’ll soon be leaving the crowd behind,  and moving at your own pace, beating the bulk of them to the finish line, it’ll be your race against yourself once again. Oh, and you’ll get to be part of the requisite party afterwards. Lets face it, these races are exactly what the sport needed. So get out there and join in the fun. Get dirty and colorful and bubbly and chocolatey. Just remember to take your Headsweats running cap or running hat with you.



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