The Daddy of Them All

The Daddy of Them All

With Ironman® events happening all over the world, the most famous of all triathlons is attracting more and more participants year after year. Once a sport reserved for the most extreme athletes looking to push beyond their own physical limits, the Ironman is no longer looked at as just for the nuttiest of extreme athletes. From its quiet beginnings in February of 1978, including just 15 competitors, the Ironman® triathlon has grown to become a phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of participants across the globe.

Though most participants do not finish the race which consists of 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking and a full marathon at 26.2 miles, it is always important for every participant to remember to fully train and prepare, both mentally, physically and nutritionally when deciding to take on the Ironman.

Remember first and foremost that a triathlon is like no other sport and will test not only your physical endurance but your mental and emotional capabilities also. Obviously, people don’t start the physical fitness journey with the goal of finishing  a triathlon; triathletes are usually those extreme athletes who are already accomplished distance swimmers, marathon runners and century riders. To them, a triathlon is just the next logical step in their fitness journey.

As an official sponsor of the Ironman® Series, Headsweats is proud to offer every triathlete and enthusiasts alike the best cycling hats, running hats and visors for men and women. With the iconic Ironman® logo emblazoned across our Ironman® hats, every participant, and those that dream about participating, can show the world their passion for the iconic event.



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